Growers encouraged to complete the planting and variety survey


The AHDB Planting and Variety Survey is to provide the earliest view of Great Britain’s planted area for the upcoming harvest.

The planting survey will estimate the area of cereals and oilseed rape intended for harvest in 2021 in Great Britain. The variety survey also aims to assess the varietal composition of the wheat, barley, oats and oilseed rape crops in Great Britain.

By publishing the results, AHDB aims to accurately quantify the harvested area of the UK, which can assist in the marketing decisions made by all levy payers.

The information can be used to shape the domestic market and trade. It can also detail regional differences of cropping across GB. It can also help inform crop development and focus the genetic development for future seasons.

George Mason, Senior Executive at Heygates, said: “We seem to have entered a period where UK wheat crop dynamics have become a little more unpredictable. It is imperative that all those involved with grains have an accurate and timely appraisal of what is developing across the entire country. They will then be in a position of knowledge and can lead on the correct and appropriate trading decisions.

“As individuals we have little chance to obtain such information and so the data provided by the AHDB via the planting and variety survey is invaluable.”

Jonathan Arnold, Trading Director at Robin Appel, said: “The feedback from growers to the AHDB with information regarding plantings and varieties planted or planting intentions is vital. The feedback enables all those involved in supply chains to gauge the potential availability of raw materials in all areas of the UK.

“Our island status and size of population means that forward planning in order to meet demand is becoming more and more important and it is very much in the growers’ interest to ensure that domestic demand is met by crops grown here in the United Kingdom.”

James Maguire, Sales Manager at KWS UK, said: “The AHDB planting and variety survey provides extra data which KWS UK can combine with our own research to provide the most appropriate genetic solutions for the UK markets. This level of collaboration is essential across the whole supply chain as we need to work as one to see the best success. The AHDB survey facilitates this collaboration.”

Simply provide the area harvested in 2020 and your intended harvest area for 2021, together with the variety, for each crop listed. This can be easily and simply completed via our online portal.