£5,000 heat pump grants launched as new research shows increased demand for sustainable tech in homes


With the new Boiler Upgrade Scheme open to applicants, now is a good time to consider a heat pump for your home. New research by E.ON has revealed that Brits aged 16-56 say they would be more inclined to speak to their landlord about installing a heat pump now the government grant is available.

As sustainable tech such as heat pumps, solar panels and smart meters become more commonplace in homes, the Government is now offering homeowners £5,000 towards the cost of replacing their existing heating system with a high efficiency heat pump.

According to E.ON’s research, 70% of Brits would be happy to pay more for a property if it meant it had a heat pump, solar panels or electric vehicle charger – with lowering energy bills (31%) and helping the planet (17%) stated among the main drivers. With the Boiler Upgrade Scheme now up and running, this demand is expected to increase as homeowners and landlords are encouraged to upgrade their energy efficiency.

73% of Brits say a home with energy solutions such as a heat pump or electric vehicle charger installed is a priority when looking to buy or rent a new home – on par with factors such as location (85%), access to transportation links (85%) and outdoor space (85%).

The survey also revealed that over two thirds of Brits (74%) say they’d reject properties that didn’t meet minimum energy efficiency ratings.

Furthermore, according to the research, over two thirds (70%) of Brits believe it is important to install heat pumps in properties within the next five years, with solar panels (73%) and electric vehicle chargers (60%) also high on the list of priorities for potential renters and buyers.

Commenting on the research, Michael Lewis, CEO of E.ON UK, said: “Everyone wants a comfortable home that’s easy to heat and we know improving a home’s energy efficiency is the most effective way to help lower energy use and bills, and help the country take action for the climate.

“Heat pumps and other sustainable technologies are crucial tools to help to reduce the emissions from heating our homes and to make sure we are less reliant on foreign gas supplies in the future.

“It’s incredibly encouraging that our research reveals just how important sustainable tech is to the majority of people and the good news for consumers is that the Government’s £5,000 grant for cleaner heating upgrades should help incentivise homeowners, landlords and property developers to improve their properties for the benefit of themselves, their residents and for the planet.”

Heat pumps are up to four times more efficient than LPG, oil, electricity and gas boilers, therefore providing an opportunity to benefit from annual savings on energy bills. With the Government’s target to ban gas boilers in new build properties by 2025, an air source heat pump ensures a home’s heating system is renewable and environmentally friendly.

E.ON is encouraging everyone to take action for climate and ensure that people are aware of the benefits of installing sustainable energy solutions in their homes.

E.ON provides 100% renewable electricity2 as standard to all customers’ homes and offers a range of sustainable tech, such as heat pumps, electric vehicle charging and solar panels and battery technology.

To find out more about sustainable solutions for your home and how you could take action for climate, visit eonenergy.com/sustainable-homes