City Air Technologies to partner with the Energy & Environment Alliance


City Air Technologies (CAT), the company which amplifies the power of plants to purify the air, has joined forces with the Energy & Environment Alliance (EEA). Working together to cut CO2 emission levels and improve air quality, CAT will also advise the EEA and BREEAM on their programme to develop the world’s most scientifically robust net zero carbon pathways and global ESG standards for Hotel and Apart Hotel assets.

At the forthcoming EEA Inaugural conference on 22 February 2022, CAT will unveil their air purifying planters on stage, setting the scene for the hospitality industry’s first conference dedicated to ESG and net zero carbon strategy and delivery. The pioneering, nature powered backdrop to the stage is expected to complement the living wall which resides in the lobby of the venue, the Westin Hotel, London, owned by 4C Hotel Group.

The EEA is a not-for-profit coalition of hospitality sector leaders and renowned experts from around the world. Working with BREEAM, the EEA is developing the world’s most reputable and rigorous sustainability assessment scheme for Hotel and Apart Hotel assets and operational performance. The scheme is heralded for its tough approach to ensuring regulatory compliance and to mitigating transition and climate-related risk. The EEA also works with global law firms and General Counsels of the industry, to build the industry’s first legal repository, model clauses and “ESG-proof” contracts, and legal agreements.

EEA Chief Executive, Ufi Ibrahim, said: “We are delighted that we have joined forces with CAT. Its clever approach to improving air quality, by harnessing the natural power of plants to remove more than 99.5% of airborne particles, including viruses, allergens, and bacteria is just the kind of new technology we need to encourage. Plants or living walls can do more than purify the air; they are also helpful in reducing energy consumption, regulating temperature and absorbing noise.”

Armando Raish and Robert Stoutzker, Joint Founders of CAT, said: “We share the EEA’s ambition to help the hospitality industry get to net zero carbon and we admire its approach, which is to focus on solutions that are both intellectually rigorous and commercially sustainable. That way, we will see genuine progress rather than vacuous greenwashing.”