Electric vehicle Goupil range helping local authorities support their green agenda


Local authorities all across the UK are helping to spearhead the national climate change effort by using all-electric vehicles to manage their recycling and waste collection needs.

The UK has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 28 per cent by 2035 and aim to move to Net Zero by 2050. With transport accounting for the largest source of emissions, the transition from petrol and diesel vehicles to electric is vital to achieving the Net Zero milestone.

Many local authorities up and down the country have taken this pledge of Net Zero one step further by committing to become carbon-neutral by 2030.

One way local authorities are looking to achieve this goal is through the adoption of multi-use Goupil vehicles to support their waste collection requirements – a range of electric vehicles that are equipped for collection of recycling, bulk waste, baskets or litter.

These vehicles, which are supplied by electric vehicle specialists Bradshaw, have been designed to be perfectly suited for last-mile delivery in urban communities and metropolitan areas where an enviro-friendly and cost-effective solution is required.

Bradshaw recently exhibited their G2, G4 and G6 Goupil vehicles at the Lets Recycle, the leading live show for the recycling, sustainability and demolition industries. The show featured live demos of some of the latest recycling vehicles and offered leaders in the waste, recycling and sustainability industry a chance to showcase their latest innovations.

Being all electric, their Goupil vehicle range produce zero-emissions, making them a sustainable, environmental, noise cancelling and cost-effective solution to local authorities who look to scale their carbon-neutral goals.

With a host of different variations to choose from, the Goupil range offers an ideal electric vehicle, for many stop-start and last mile applications, that can be tailored and suited to the customer’s bespoke recycling and waste management requirements, all whilst maintaining optimal performance.

Ramsy Labassi, Marketing Manager at Bradshaw commented: “With many local authorities placing more emphasis on environmental sustainability, the Goupil electric vehicles provide councils with the prospect of not only vastly improving their environmental footprint, but in turn enhancing operational performance and lowering their vehicle operating costs as well.

“We were delighted to showcase the Goupil range at Lets Recycle, where attendees were able to see first-hand the scope and flexibility of our G2, G2 and G6 vehicles.

“The fundamental attraction of the Goupil range is its versatile offering. The specification of each vehicle is entirely unique as the payload, size, operational range and speed are all different. Equally, the vehicle body can be bespoke designed including auxiliary equipment for a variety of different applications.

“This total flexibility is what makes the range an exciting recycling and waste management solution to local authorities, especially those that currently operate within low-emission zones. With interest increasing in recent months as the UK edges ever closer to its time-sensitive goal of becoming carbon neutral, local authorities have been especially active in pursuing alternative and more environmentally friendly means to assist with their last mile recycling needs – in place of their traditional petrol or diesel vehicles.

“Given that 230 councils have declared a climate emergency we expect more local authorities will view the Goupil range as a sustainable refuse and recycling solution in the coming months, as the hunt to reduce carbon emissions and tackle the impact of climate change heightens.”