Tevva to unveil new truck concept at IAA Transportation 2022


Hydrogen and electric truck OEM Tevva is planning to unveil a 19 tonne prototype development vehicle at the 2022 IAA Transportation event in Hanover, Germany, later this year.

The UK-headquartered manufacturer recently unveiled its 7.5 tonne hydrogen electric truck at the Road Transport Expo in Warwickshire, UK, and the company plans to unveil a new design to the world on 19 September.

The announcement will come as Tevva plans to start production of its 7.5 tonne battery electric vehicle, with the first delivery of the truck to a customer expected before the IAA event.

Tevva’s senior team and salespeople, including Gabriel Millan-Lazaro, Luis Targhetta Vigil Escalera, Albert Donlou, and Marcel De Rycker, will be at the event to discuss the vehicle’s capabilities, specifications and other information to both accredited journalists and potential customers.

There will be two main days for interested parties:

The IAA Media Day (19 September): Accredited journalists will be able to view the new vehicle concept and interview Tevva spokespeople
IAA Day Opening Day (20 September): The official opening of the IAA event to the general public, where potential customers can meet the Tevva team and see the new vehicle concept

Accredited media can contact Tevva via [email protected]