Forget euphoria, strait-laced Gen Zs are swapping boozy nights out for superfoods, yoga and walks in nature


New research has revealed, despite the much talked about hit show Euphoria depicting today’s youngsters living a hedonistic lifestyle, fuelled by sex, drugs and rock and roll, this could not be further from the truth.

Overall, as many as 57 percent of the 18- to 29-year-olds claim they prefer to live a wholesome lifestyle, as it is better for their physical and mental health.

In fact, according to the findings, at a time when they would traditionally be letting their hair down, almost a THIRD (33 percent) of Britain’s 18 – 29-year old’s claim they avoid alcohol completely.

Almost half (44 percent) eat as much fruit and veg as possible, 33 percent claim they always say no to sugary or fatty foods, and 31 percent routinely incorporate superfoods into their daily diet.

A fifth (20 percent) have recently reduced their meat consumption, while as many as 69 percent said when ordering a take-away, they opt for healthy options such as salads (50 percent), plant-based foods (35 percent) and gluten-free meals (21 percent).

Nutritionist Dr. Sarah Schenker comments: “The research highlights some interesting culture shift changes amongst today’s twentysomethings, including the active avoidance of alcohol by a third and almost the same number routinely incorporating superfoods into what they eat.

“Superfoods are particularly important for our diet because they’re nutrient dense and can help the body fight off cold and viruses, and help prevent certain diseases too.”

The study by Papa John’s, to mark the launch of its new superfood Hemp Sticks, revealed the top ways young Brits are seeking a natural high, with walks in nature coming top (43 percent).

Spending time with loved ones (39 percent), listening to music (38 percent), going for a run (37 percent) and sweating it out in the gym (36 percent) are other ways youngsters are getting high naturally.

Dancing, bike rides and meditation also made the list of ways Gen Z’s let their hair down.


1. Walking in nature – 43 percent
2. Spending time with loved ones – 39 percent
3. Listening to music – 38 percent
4. Going for a run – 37 percent
5. Sweating it out at the gym – 36 percent
6. Dancing – 31 percent
7. Spending time in the garden/outside space – 22 percent
8. Going on a bike ride – 21 percent
9. Meditation – 18 percent
10. Yoga – 17 percent