From store cupboard to spotlight. Bart rebrand aims to reignite the category with a pinch of history


Bristol-based herbs, spices and ingredients brand Bart is on a mission to put the joy and romance back into the category with its latest refresh.

The new brand design, created by award-winning The Space[MF1] Creative, aims to inspire home cooks by delving into the rich history and origins of each ingredient.

The packaging pays homage to the continent of origin and the specific plants from which these ingredients hail. The addition of tasting notes also provides helpful guidance for customers on their next culinary adventure.

Bart’s best sellers take centre stage as part of the brand revamp. From fiery Paprika, originally used by Native Americans for medicinal purposes; to Cinnamon, first imported by Egyptians 4,000 years ago; and Garlic Granules, where garlic is referenced in ancient Chinese texts dating back 8,000 years.

Adam Sims, CEO of Bart, said: “Herbs and spices are timeless treasures in our supermarkets – each ingredient has a captivating story of how it has come to be used in the recipes we all cook today. Yet, the history and romance of the category has faded over time.

“As we strive to reignite the excitement and intrigue around herbs and spices, telling stories of the rich heritage and origins of these ingredients is a key driver behind the brand refresh. With nearly 60 years of sourcing high quality ingredients from across the globe, Bart is well positioned to offer this insight with consumers.”

James Adams, Commercial Director at Bart, added: “The herbs and spices category has grown by more than £150m[MF2] since 2019[1] and shows no signs of slowing down. Within this, Bart is currently the fastest growing brand, with sales increasing over 61.5% year-on-year[2].

With cost pressures easing and viral food trends shaping the way Gen Z and Millennials experiment with food at home, the brand refresh is timed to appeal to the modern foodie and re-engage our existing customers. It’s an important milestone which is integral to our future growth and investment opportunities, as well as supporting the category as a whole.”

Bart is currently available at Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Booths, Ocado and independent retailers. The new pack design will phase into stores from 1st June. RRP £2.25.