Fruity new brand, Kooky, now available on Amazon


Fruity new superfruit snack brand, Kooky, is celebrating after expanding its stockists to include the world’s largest Internet-based enterprise, Amazon.

The exciting move comes just weeks after Kooky announced pioneering marketplace as its first external stockist.

Previously only available via Kooky’s official website, partnering with Amazon and will ensure the brand’s quirky range of freeze-dried and gently dried superfruit snacks are more readily available to health-conscious individuals across the UK.

Recently launched in the UK, Kooky’s offerings include freeze-dried jackfruit, mango and mangosteen, as well as gently dried banana and dragon fruit. Conveniently packaged for on-the-go snacking, each product contains fewer than 90 calories, making them as guilt-free as they are full of flavour.

Sustainably sourced in Thailand and naturally dried with absolutely nothing added, the beautifully unusual snacks are 100% fruit and comprise one of your coveted five-a-day. Loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – and completely free of sugar – Kooky’s offerings provide copious health benefits ranging from cardiovascular to digestive.

Already proving a firm favourite amongst influencers, Kooky has made exciting moves in the food industry since its launch in July. Striking colours, deliciously different textures and flavours and remarkable nutritional benefits make the fruity treats the perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle.

As well as being enjoyed as stand-alone snacks, Kooky’s products are the perfect accompaniment to smoothie bowls and muesli, adding a nutritious crunch to your breakfast. The freeze-dried range can also be added to water and – Abracadabra! – the fruit rehydrates, leaving you with the most gorgeously scented, flavoured and coloured drink, perfect for any time of day.

Born out of the founders’ desire to share the beauty and benefits of exotic superfruits in ways people haven’t experienced before, Kooky is the brainchild of two mothers: Aline Burgmann and Deena Tan.

Bonding over their Asian roots and Western upbringings at the school gates, they recognised a shared passion for exotic fruit. The duo created and launched Kooky (during lockdown!), intending to bring a carefully curated selection of South-East Asian fruit to the UK by utilising unique relationships with Thai farmers to empower local producers.

Discussing the venture and Amazon launch, Kooky co-founder Deena said, “We are so excited to announce that our products are now available on Amazon. As a vast, internationally recognised online marketplace, we are thrilled to have its support. We consider this one of our biggest achievements to date and we cannot wait to see our carefully cultivated products amongst some of the best British – and international – artisan brands.”

Founded in 1994, Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer selling a variety of consumer goods, including electronics and food and drink products.

Kooky is now available via Amazon, with prices starting at £9. Customers can also order via or Kooky’s online ‘frui-tique’