Quicke’s to launch Smoked Double Devonshire Clothbound Cheese


Devon-based cheesemaker, Quicke’s will release its Smoked Double Devonshire Clothbound Cheese on Thursday 8th March. A smoked twist on the classic territorial Double Gloucester, this new product is made with milk from Home Farm’s grass-fed cows and smoked using oak chips from the family’s estate.

Based on the centuries-old traditional Double Gloucester recipe, Smoked Double Devonshire retains all of the territorial’s classic hallmarks, with its deep orange hue, mellow flavour and creamy texture, while bringing something altogether new to the table. The farm’s world-class milk lends elegant buttery notes and a complex flavour profile to the cheese, while the oak chips from trees felled on the Quicke’s estate have produced a level of caramel smokiness that is both bold and beautifully balanced.

Like all of the truckles produced at Quicke’s, this 4-6 month matured smoked cheese owes much to the farm’s cheesemaking past, with heritage starter cultures, traditional methods dating back generations and a cheesemaking team with over a century of experience between them. A coming together of Devon and Gloucestershire traditions, Smoked Double Devonshire is a cheese that showcases the best of the South West.

Smoked Double Devonshire Clothbound Cheese is available for retail in 1kg and 1.5kg cuts, as well as in 200g pre-packed wedges. Stockists can request price information by emailing [email protected].