Revealed: vegan BBQs 43% healthier than normal BBQs


Vegan barbeques are 43% healthier than regular meat-based barbecues, new research has revealed.

Leading motorhome rental company, Camptoo, has analysed the UK’s most popular recipe sites to reveal what Brits will be cooking on their barbecues this summer.

The study, Britain’s Best BBQ, looks at all aspects of Brits’ barbecuing habits, including their favourite food, the top vegan dishes and the nutritional contents of recipes.

For those of us looking to lose a little bit of lockdown weight or embrace a healthier lifestyle, following a vegan diet could be the way forward, as the average vegan BBQ dish contains 43% fewer calories than the standard British BBQ.

Research shows that vegan barbecue recipes take on average just 22 minutes to cook – that’s 31 minutes less than a standard barbecue – contains just 208 calories with nine grams of fat (compared to 20 in a standard recipe) with a higher fibre count.

However before you get too excited, vegan recipes do tend to have higher carbohydrate (22g) and sugar (10g) counts than a meatier option.

Falafel burgers are the most popular and most cooked vegan item when it comes to barbecues, while pulled jackfruit is a popular substitute for pulled pork and avocado is also high on the list of popular ingredients.

Chicken burgers proved to be the most popular overall dish for Brits on a summer barbecue.

Camptoo’s Head of Wanderlust, Ed Bassett commented on the findings saying: “While there were no major surprises in terms of most popular meats or BBQ food types, there were some very interesting differences in terms of how recipes ratings and popularity was affected by factors such as calorie count and protein contents.

“Our analysis of vegan recipes also provided intriguing results and it’s nice to see exactly what meat alternatives are being used on barbeques.

“With the summer BBQ season fast approaching, this research has given us a flavour of what to expect on the grills across campsites up and down the UK.”