St Pierre celebrates major multiple success in morning goods


St Pierre has secured new distribution for its morning goods products with Tesco, Sainsbury’s and ASDA, helping to further fuel its 66 per cent year on year growth.[1]

The brand will launch its latest new product, the Brioche Bagel, into Tesco stores from 5th September. The first-to-market product was launched by St Pierre in America at the end of 2021, after growth in both the bagel and brioche markets prompted the innovation. Now the product is set to reinvigorate the bagel sector in the UK, offering a lighter texture bagel to appeal to a broader audience and introduce new shoppers to the bagel format.

Sainsbury’s are also capitalising on the growth in consumer appetite for morning goods, by launching St Pierre Brioche Swirls and Chocolate Chip Brioche Swirls into stores from September. The multipack, individually-wrapped swirls offer an upgrade to the morning snack market, one blending St Pierre’s lightly sweet brioche with a vanilla custard swirl and the other with added chocolate chips. Available in packs of six, the new listings mean that the retailer has launched five St Pierre SKUs this year alone.

Elsewhere in major multiple retail, ASDA will also expand its morning goods selection, adding St Pierre’s multipack of Pains au Chocolat and Croissants from September. Both products offer six individually-wrapped products which were recently reformulated as part of the brand’s commitment to continual product improvement. The reformulation resulted in vegan-approved products, which added appeal for the UK retail giant.

Chris McLaughlin, Commercial Director at St Pierre Groupe comments, “Our product quality is what sets our brand apart in an increasingly competitive landscape. These listings are recognition of the hard work that goes into producing quality products that meet shopper needs. Morning goods is driving the growth in the bakery category at the moment – and sweet treats is the catalyst. In the last year alone, sweet treats have grown 13 per cent – adding £60 million to the morning goods sector.

“According to latest Nielsen data (July 2022), Bagels is one of the few ‘traditional’ subsectors in morning goods which is also showing growth. As a business, we invest heavily in market research and data to ensure we stay ahead of the curve and can best advise our retail partners on how to maximise sales through product offering. These latest listings are testament to that and we’re looking forward to supporting the launches with increased marketing activity throughout Q4.”

St Pierre is now the fifth biggest brand in bakery, growing in value and volume ahead of the rest of the category in the last quarter, thanks to increased distribution and successful new product launches.

Part of St Pierre Groupe, the brand has grown by 192 per cent in the last two years and is well on its way to becoming a household bakery name, with consumer awareness in the UK up nine per cent year on year.