The Spirit of Manchester Distillery launches premium flavoured vodka range


Award-winning distillers at The Spirit of Manchester Distillery have launched three premium vodkas using fresh, natural ingredients that have been peeled, ground and crushed by hand, then distilled under pressure to capture the cleanest, most vibrant flavours in every drop.

Manchester Spirit Grapefruit, Manchester Spirit Tonka and Manchester Spirit Coffee vodkas have been passionately handcrafted, using innovative distillation methods which extract the purest flavours from each ingredient, allowing each bottle to burst with flavour without the addition of any artificial ingredients.

Developed by The Spirit of Manchester Distillery master distiller, Seb Heeley and head distiller, Mat Duthie, the new premium vodkas have been achieved through innovative, small batch methods where every ingredient plays a key role in the flavour profile. The distillers focused on capturing the very essence of each flavour: the bitter pithiness of grapefruit peel; the rich waft you get when you open a bag of coffee, immersing the senses from the initial aroma to the first sip.

The Spirit of Manchester head distiller, Mat Duthie, said: “We’ve spent months developing a method that allows us to capture the most intense, natural flavour profiles. Each batch takes hundreds of hours to distil, refine and perfect and we have really taken our time to create a selection of premium vodkas that will delight discerning bartenders and drinks connoisseurs. We’ve deliberately chosen flavours which delight – freshly ground coffee, freshly peeled grapefruit, creamy, grown-up tonka.”

With the recent explosion in popularity for flavoured vodkas, this is the perfect time to put one of the most exciting distilleries in the country on the case to create grown-up, premium flavours that are set to become timeless classics.

Harnessing the Flavour of Grapefruit

Each small batch contains the peel of 300 freshly peeled grapefruits to create a uniquely zesty flavour. The peel is macerated in alcohol for three days and then distilled at low temperatures, preserving the integrity of the fruit and creating a delicate balance of citrus sweetness with a drier, bitter pithiness.

By distilling at cooler temperatures, the delicate oils of the fruit are protected and the whole flavour profile of the grapefruit is harnessed. A vibrant, juicy vodka that is perfectly paired with a light tonic or as the star attraction in a Breakfast Martini or Grapefruit Cooler.

Better still, the delicious leftover fruit and juice of the grapefruits used in the vodka recipe is distributed to bars across Manchester, ensuring zero waste from this creation of this juicy hero.

The Taste of Tonka

Described by master distiller Seb Heeley as a grown-up Madagascan vanilla, Tonka Vodka promises to be a real crowd pleaser this summer. Made using freshly ground tonka beans, the mouthfeel is smooth and vanilla-like, leading to a nutty almond flavour with notes of sour cherry.

The unique and complex flavour of Tonka promises to raise the game for Pornstar and Espresso Martini lovers and create drinks that will excite and intrigue.

The Mighty Coffee Bean

Created using freshly ground coffee – equivalent to 400 cups per batch, to be precise – this vodka promises all the sensory pleasures of the perfect morning brew. Junior distiller, James, hand-grinds every bean. The ground coffee is then macerated in alcohol for 24 hours and distilled at 40 degrees, unlocking the earthy, rich coffee flavours.

Store in the freezer to enjoy neat over ice, for an intense coffee hit, or as the perfect cocktail vodka in the timeless Espresso Martini.

Try Spirit of Manchester’s own cocktail, Little Italy – a vodka-based twist on the Manhattan:

Tasting Note: The creamy marzipan, vanilla and the light floral flavours in our tonka vodka compliment the peppery Sazerac rye whiskey to create a unique take on the Manhattan.