Still uncertain about Natasha’s Law? Bidfood has what you need to operate under the new legislation


With businesses still struggling to navigate Natasha’s Law, Bidfood, one of the UK’s leading foodservice providers, has highlighted several key support tools to help operators stay on track.

The legislation, which came into effect on 1st of October 2021, saw 8 out of 10 businesses still feeling unprepared[1]. And with operators concerned that transitioning into Natasha’s Law will be expensive and time-consuming, many have been putting off implementing the new legislation in their sites. However, as the grace period ends and local council’s crackdown on the new law, those eateries affected need to be taking action.

Bidfood has been working hard on providing a range of support tools: MyRecipes, Menu Planning and the Matt85 labelling system, which will save customers time and money.

What is MyRecipes and Menu Planning?

MyRecipes and Menu Planning can be accessed via Bidfood’s online shop, Bidfood Direct. The tools allow customers to create their recipes and menus based on their agreed product range and pricing. One of the benefits of these tools is their clarity, offering clear and easy to understand allergy icons, nutritional data and front-of-pack nutrition traffic light labelling information, which can be used to create a label for your pre-packaged recipes.

Matt85 labelling system from DayMark

By teaming up with DayMark, Bidfood has given customers an all-in-one solution to labelling their pre-packaged foods: the Matt85 labelling system.

The Matt85 uses a cloud-based software to print labels at your convenience and uses heat technology so there’s no need to worry about ordering ink. You can have everything you need to sell your pre-packaged foods in just five simple steps.

Samantha Elliott, Nutrition and Allergen manager at Bidfood said: “Now that it has been a few months since Natasha’s Law was implemented, businesses are expected to be fully compliant and we wanted to reiterate the support that is available to our customers. These tools are a way to save customers time and money whilst providing them with the peace of mind they need.”