Distribution boost for Beaverswood’s health and safety workplace products


Workplace safety products specialist Beaverswood has announced that commercial and industrial workplace suppliers Slingsby is stocking its new ranges of safety products.

The move sees Beaverswood further strengthen its relationship with the Yorkshire-based reseller, which now offers the Modulean Lite shadow boards, a range of shadow boards that help people to rapidly locate and identify tools and equipment in a busy environment, boosting their levels of production, reducing errors and minimising the possibility of cross contamination in hygiene areas.

The innovative boards also come with the well-known racksack packaging waste management and collection system as well as with glove dispensers. Thanks to its modular design, Modulean Lite removes the need for installing expensive and time-consuming custom-made shadow boards, reducing operational costs further through greater standardisation.

Carrying more than 35,000 workplace products including office supplies and equipment, Slingsby currently offers a range of protective equipment and innovative products to enable businesses to operate safely, efficiently, and hygienically in busier industrial settings.

Operations director Dominic Slingsby, said: “We are continuing to work closely with Beaverswood to support our customers and meet their health and safety requirements, as the country begins to recover from the pandemic and the warehouse and industrial environment get busier.

“Beaverswood has been extremely responsive and delivered an excellent service throughout the pandemic, providing us with high quality and well-engineered products, including a Covid Combat range. Their proactive approach, coupled with the unparalleled sector expertise and experience they bring, is refreshing and impressive.

“We very much look forward to developing our relationship with Beaverswood in the future, heralding new opportunities to add greater value to customers in terms of product solutions, technical capabilities and enhanced customer service.”

Stephanie Gentle, group marketing director at Beaverswood said: “Slingsby has an excellent reputation across their strong international and national distribution. We look forward to seeing more and more customers using our products, thanks to Slingsby, and benefitting from improved levels of workplace hygiene and safety.”

Beaverswood manufactures innovative products that improve the efficiency, safety and sustainability of the physical workplace. Its range includes health and safety products such as the Visusafe and Visuclean range as well as labelling and signage, the racksack family for waste segregation and a range of 5S visual communication solutions. Resellers are supported with specialist expertise, marketing and promotional materials and an after sales service.