Interest rising in Rack Collapse Prevention’s unique warehouse safety racking system


A unique racking system developed by Rack Collapse Prevention (RCP) is gaining attention and revolutionising how warehouse pallet racking is being made secure, reducing both injury and financial loss.

Racking collapse has the potential to cost hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost inventory and significantly lives, potentially crippling a business if the worst were ever to happen. RCP’s UK and European patented Rhino system is exclusively designed for warehouses and storage facilities where pallet racking is used.

RCP Company Founder Craig Attwell explains: “Our protection system is designed to provide a safer working environment for warehouse professionals, in any situation racks are used.

“Highly durable RCP’s Rhino safety system prevents catastrophic failure by supporting from the top rather than reinforcing from the bottom, meaning in the event of a forklift collision the structure remains standing, protecting both staff and inventory.”

With any form of pallet racking, particularly above 6 meters, there is an increased risk of racking failure, typically caused by forklift operator error or incorrect pallet stacking. A damaged racking leg, whilst under load, will experience considerable downward pressure, forcing the leg to buckle and losing the structure’s ability to withstand its intended load capacity, ultimately causing the rack to collapse, and potentially causing a domino effect on any other racking it is attached to or in proximity with.

Added Craig: “RCP’s system uses wire ropes suspended from the building’s steel structure where possible which is then in turn attached to each individual leg. If the building’s structure cannot be used, then a secondary steel structure is installed to form a support structure for the suspension ropes.

“With Rhino in place damaged legs can’t buckle or collapse, preventing total rack collapse even if the racking drops slightly, and it also prevents any potential domino effect within the storage facility.”

RCP’s Rhino support system has now been installed in numerous warehouses and storage facilities in the UK and Europe, with interest in the system continuing to grow.