Automated palletising in just three easy steps


Manual palletising is repetitive, boring and physically demanding but in lower throughput applications with frequent changes of box and pallet sizes, automating the process can seem daunting. This is precisely the situation easily addressed by the new Robotiq PE Series palletiser from RARUK Automation.

With its strong emphasis on simple installation and configuration, it empowers workers to boost palletising efficiency and speed, enabling them to be deployed to higher value and more rewarding tasks.

The Robotiq PE Series palletiser is a ready-to-use solution for picking a wide range of box and pallet dimensions. It has a pick rate of up to 13 boxes per minute and, dependant on the chosen gripper, has the potential to pick multiple boxes at once to boost productivity substantially.

It is supplied with all essential elements connected and integrated, eliminating the need for the user to design or program the connection between the robot control and hardware. The system’s small footprint allows it to fit easily into an existing floor plan; there’s no need to re-organise the layout around a central robot.

In three easy steps, programs are easily created within as little as five minutes. Enter the box orientation, dimensions and weight – minimum 50mm x 50mm x 50mm and up to 16kg* – then the pallet dimensions; the system is suitable for all ISO certified pallet sizes and loads up to 1500mm in height. Finally, set the pallet layout. An online configurator tool then simulates the application to check key performance indicators (KPI) and eliminate risk.

The materials handling co-pilot then does all the hard work, automatically generating and optimising all trajectories and cobot movements. This efficiency ensures a faster return on investment by comparison with other cobot solutions and also preserves the life of the cobot through seamless movement.

The RARUK Automation system includes a Universal Robot arm, cobot base, manually adjustable pedestal, tower lights, integrated pallet sensors, teach pendant stand, application software and cable management system. A Robotiq Airpick gripper is supplied as standard but the cobot is also compatible with other vacuum grippers in the RARUK Automation range.

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Also available from RARUK Automation is the Robotiq AX Series palletiser with fully integrated vertical axis. It is suitable for a maximum pallet height of 2750mm and features the same application software as the PE Series. It too is designed for trouble-free integration into end-of-line processes, making automated palletising, depalletising, or both, easily achievable for any operation.