Chilled store installation completed in days by Rack Collapse Prevention


A specialist safety installation to secure racking frames in a chilled store in Dublin, Ireland, was completed in just four-days by expert supplier Rack Collapse Prevention.

Fitted in all environments of ambient, chilled and frozen, Rack Collapse Prevention’s safety system is exceptionally durable, and unlike other racking safety systems, supports from the top instead of reinforcing from the bottom, meaning in a collision event the racking structure remains stable and standing, protecting staff, stock and removing the potential for significant business disruption.

After completing an install for Oakland International’s chilled store operation in Ireland, housing some 3,000 pallets in 2020, following service growth the company extended chilled operations and again commissioned Rack Collapse Prevention to secure the added racking frames, safeguarding in total some 7,500 pallets. Established as a proven safety system in real-world racking impact events, Rack Collapse Prevention’s safety system is designed for any facility where pallet racking is used.

Oakland International Co-Founder and Group CEO Dean Attwell said: “We value safety as paramount, and as one of the fastest-moving environments to work in we wanted to ensure complete safety-coverage for our staff.

“We’re keen to eliminate any possibility of weakness in our warehouse safety operations and Rack Collapse Prevention provides the safest possible solution for our team, whilst also protecting our business from the potential for disruption.”

An innovative UK designed racking safety system, Rack Collapse Prevention is helping to reduce the effects of warehouse impact events for a growing number of businesses in the UK, Ireland and across Europe. With over three-decades of food and storage industry experience Rack Collapse Prevention is fast becoming a system of choice, supporting a growing number of companies to remove the dangers associated with pallet racking failure.

Rack Collapse Prevention Founder, Craig Attwell, commented: “Oakland International needed our safety system installed as soon as possible to ensure the extended warehouse was covered, and having installed phase one, they knew our capabilities and had total confidence in our system to provide a safe working environment for their people.”