British Business Focus is a specialist digital news outlet serving The UK’s diverse and dynamic business community.

We curate, create, publish, and promote news from across a broad range of sectors and business interests, including:

  • Food & drink
  • Tourism
  • Pharma
  • Supply chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Sustainability
  • Legal
  • and more….

British Business Focus focuses on issues that are at the heart of business in The UK, and which have a both a local and global impact.

The Perfect News Outlet
What do you do to promote yourself through your news stories? If you’ve put together a press release, or you have something important to say, what is your next step?

British Business Focus is the perfect outlet for your news, stories and opinions, ready to reach your target audience.

Using The Press Rooms platform, British Business Focus provides a valuable and highly visible showcase for vital news stories, incisive commentary and in-depth articles.

It is a dynamic distribution platform for press releases and embedded video content, helping enterprises build a credible online presence.

It also features high quality original content, engaging a growing readership and ensuring that British Business Focus is an authoritative, third-party platform that highlights the issues that matter most to UK businesses and their clients.

Marketing Your News
One of the most effective means of attracting an online audience is through content marketing.

Instead of directly selling to them, you create the conditions that will attract them to you.

British Business Focus provides an ideal platform for your content, helping to build your audience by publishing your news stories and videos.

To support the marketability of your news, we embed your branding and advertising within it, with a live boiler plate and integrated banner advertising, updateable in real time.

Blogs and Events
As part of The Press Rooms media network, British Business Focus includes a Blog List, where you can list your latest blog articles by title, and which will link directly back to your own website.

We also provide an Event Calendar, where you can post any forthcoming business events you are holding or involved in.

Maximise the Impact of Your News
For your news to work for you, it needs the right platform and the right distribution.

This is what we can provide at British Business Focus.

For more information, email [email protected]