Discussion groups set up to focus on grassland management


AHDB will be rolling out six grass discussion groups across the country in collaboration with grazing consultants, to help farmers understand more about best practice in grassland management.

This network of discussion groups forms part of AHDB’s Grass campaign, a programme for farmers and industry partners in the ruminant sectors. The programme aims to improve the cost-effective use of grazed grass to build profitable and sustainable systems, achieving greater profits and growth potential.

The Grazing groups will be delivered across the country and are all based near to an AHDB Beef and Lamb Farm Excellence Programme farm:

North Cumbria – delivered by 5 Agri
West Cumbria ­ – delivered by 5 Agri
North East – delivered by Liz Genever
East Midlands – delivered by Liz Genever
Cambridge/Essex – delivered by NIAB
Somerset – delivered by NIAB

AHDB is now looking for up to 15 members for each group, which will run their first meetings in December and January. There will be an opportunity for each group to meet up to 10 times over the next eleven months.

Georgina Key, environmental scientist at AHDB, said: “We have made some great progress with the AHDB Grass campaign and we feel these farmer-led grazing discussion groups are a great way to share and pass on best practice in grassland management.

“We are running them alongside grazing consultants, so the groups will benefit from a range of expertise in grassland knowledge.”

If you would like more information on the discussion group in your area, please visit https://ahdb.org.uk/knowledge-library/grazing-discussion-groups or check out the AHDB Grass web page https://ahdb.org.uk/knowledge-library/ahdb-grass for advice around grassland management.

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