Star Refrigeration backing for cool careers for a better world


Star Refrigeration is proud to support World Refrigeration Day, an international celebration of the refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat-pump industry, which takes place on what has become known as ‘The Coolest Day of the Year’.

Star Refrigeration has been announced as sponsors for World Refrigeration Day (WRD), an annual international awareness campaign taking place on 26th June 2021 to celebrate the cooling sector and how it supports everyday life

In addition to focusing on sustainable cooling, this year’s World Refrigeration Day aims to inspire people from all over the globe to consider careers in refrigeration and the cold chain. It is particularly crucial right now as the fight against Covid-19 has relied on refrigeration to transport vaccines to millions of people worldwide, as well as being essential for hospitals, food storage and transportation and data centres.

Dr Rob Lamb, Group Sales and Marketing Director, from Star Refrigeration said: “We are delighted to be supporting World Refrigeration Day 2021 once again. Awareness campaigns such as these are vital for our industry and as a company that supports apprentices, Star was keen to become a sponsor and support the title of this year’s campaign – Cooling Champions: Cool Careers for a Better World.”

“Celebrating the hard work of millions of people in the industry, whose vital job has been brought to light during the Covid-19 pandemic is important. It is with great pride we can announce we will be actively promoting and celebrating their achievements.”

With more than 15 million people employed in the refrigeration sector worldwide, this year’s theme will ensure World Refrigeration Day 2021 inspires the next generation of cooling champions in the form of designers, technician, sales, software developers, managers and consultants, encouraging them to meet the challenges faced in their communities.

The campaign also aims to inform and educate about the significant role the industry and its technology play in modern life and society with around 5 billion refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat-pump systems currently in operation worldwide. Those systems provide the conditions required for health, comfort, worker productivity, manufacturing, and essential environments for food, pharmaceuticals, and digital data.

As one of the UK’s largest and most prominent industrial refrigeration suppliers, Star is well placed to sponsor and support the international event. Having supplied cooling plants to many sectors including food manufacturing, ice and leisure, pharmaceutical and data centres, the company understands the needs and challenges of all the many environments which call on the cold chain to support it.

Dr Lamb adds: “Star has employed additional members of staff in the past year to sustain our continued growth and to best support our customers during the pandemic. In supporting the World Refrigeration Day campaign, we want to create awareness of the many exciting job opportunities within our industry and encourage more people consider a career in the sector.”

Star’s sponsorship follows that of World Refrigeration Day in 2020, themed ‘#ColdChain4Life’ which celebrated the importance of the refrigerated cold chain in sustaining life.

World Refrigeration Day will bring businesses together in dozens of countries for a series of refrigeration-related activities and events, promoted online and through social media. The annual celebration on 26th June is held to mark the birthday of Lord Kelvin (b.1824) who pioneered the international system of absolute temperature.

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