Updated LGV instructor course to help employers tackle driver shortage


The RTITB Instructor Academy has relaunched its LGV Instructor course, helping employers to address the driver shortage with highly skilled in-house trainers to upskill existing employees, retain existing drivers, and support recruitment programmes.

“There is a national shortfall of 60,000+ LGV drivers* and an estimated 30,000 vocational driving test slots were lost in 2020 due to Covid-19*. Add to that the knock-on effects of BREXIT, and it is truly a critical time for the industry to identify, nurture, and retain talent,” says Simon Docherty, RTITB Instructor Academy Manager.

With qualified in-house LGV Instructors, businesses will have the resource to run initiatives such as ‘warehouse to wheels’ or ‘office to wheels’ programmes, identifying employees interested in upskilling or retraining to fill vacant driver positions. Employers can also easily run similar external schemes, targeting potential drivers through programmes aimed at those in the retail or hospitality sector, for example.

“Qualified Instructors will be able to create LGV driver courses that match the needs of learners in these different programmes, while delivering high quality training,” says Simon. “We mustn’t overlook the importance of delivering training to a professional standard, as this is what makes drivers feel valued and engaged, in turn contributing to better retention, keeping the skills you need in your business.”

Although the LGV Instructor course is based around licence acquisition, it has been designed to enable qualified Instructors to also apply the skills learned in many other driver training situations. For instance, carrying out driver inductions, delivering Driver CPC training, carrying out post-assessment and incident remedial training, teaching new skills to novice and existing drivers, and improving drivers’ confidence when out on the road, to name a few. This adds significant value for companies investing in developing their own driver talent pipeline.

The revised LGV Instructor course includes a more candidate-friendly design, catering to a wide range of different learning styles. The course first provides candidates with the necessary theory, then encourages learners to put this knowledge into practice and confirm skills through practical exercises. It also features updated content surrounding legislation, ensuring drivers and businesses are up to date and compliant.

“From a candidate’s perspective, the hands-on approach really sets this course apart,” says Simon Docherty, RTITB Instructor Academy Manager. “It avoids information overload, allowing candidates to develop their skills and confidence through practice, ensuring they remain engaged and motivated. This makes it a great professional development experience for both new and returning Instructors.”

The course typically covers the role of the Instructor, practical driving assessment, in-cab instruction, classroom instruction, the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) driving test, and training route selection. Instructors completing the course should be able to discuss and demonstrate the subject knowledge required for LGV driver instruction, as well as lesson planning and course management techniques, in order to deliver instruction to the required high standard.

“With all of our courses, our approach to training is about confidence as well as competence,” says Simon. “Being an Instructor is about far more than just equipping candidates with the theoretical knowledge to pass a test, so our courses coach candidates in the skills and instructional techniques they will really need to deliver exceptional workplace transport training, and then verify that independently.”

The course culminates with an independent examination by the National Register of LGV Instructors (NRI), which must be completed successfully to qualify. To help trainee Instructors focus on this end goal, the updated course content is more aligned to this examination. The NRI is the only standard endorsed by DVSA, and is supported by Logistics UK and Road Haulage Association (RHA), as well as JAUPT for the Driver CPC Instructor examination, giving employers and Instructors the reassurance of an industry recognised qualification.

“Our LGV Instructor course has been the preferred choice of many of the UK’s leading transport and logistics companies for more than 40 years. With the latest update, we are supporting employers and the wider industry by continuing to set the standard for novices entering the profession and experienced LGV Instructors looking to refresh and update their knowledge,” Simon concludes.

To book LGV Instructor courses at the RTITB Instructor Academy, or to find out more information visit www.rtitbacademy.com, call +44 (0)1952 520214 or email [email protected] .