Intelex announces scalable product for ESG corporate reporting to meet demands of increasingly complex regulatory environment


Intelex Technologies, the leading provider of cloud-based technology solutions for ESG and workplace health and safety, has announced the release of its new Corporate Reporting for ESG application. This new application reduces the complexity of collecting, analysing and reporting ESG data to global regulators and stakeholders with built-in innovative best practices and intuitive configuration tools.

New regulations like the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) from the EU are putting increasing pressure on organisations to manage their ESG data for regulatory reporting. At the same time, ESG practitioners are struggling with the complexity of managing the large amounts of information required and the many different frameworks available for reporting to regulatory bodies around the world.

“ESG has never had as much attention as it does right now,” says Trevor Bronson, Director of Portfolio Strategy at Intelex. “The foundational concepts of ESG aren’t novel, but the requirement for accurate and comprehensive ESG data from governing bodies, regulatory agencies, financial communities, and even individual consumers is unprecedented. Finding the right tool to manage this data and, ultimately, improving ESG performance is top of mind for business.”

The new Corporate Reporting for ESG solution manages the heavy requirements of ESG data and simplifies the workflows for ESG reporting. With out-of-the-box reporting for common ESG frameworks, intuitive report configuration tools and more than 40,000 pre-loaded emission factors, customers spend less time on calculations and more time on continuous performance improvement.
“We’re solving a pervasive market challenge with ESG reporting,” says Jeff Ladner, Chief Product Officer at Intelex. “Today, you’ll find a host of point solutions that buckle under the pressure of evolving ESG demands. Our new Corporate Reporting for ESG product meets customers where they are today and can scale to meet the demands of a dynamic global market and the increasingly complex regulatory environment.”

To learn more, visit the Intelex Corporate Reporting for ESG webpage and the Intelex blog.