Neat. launch revolutionary foaming hand wash without the plastic waste


Household Goods Brand of the Year[1], Neat., announces the launch of their first sustainable, personal care innovation: a lush, foaming hand wash without the plastic waste. A revolutionary step-change for the category and the first, sustainable hand wash of its kind, containing zero palm oil or sodium lauryl sulfate, a skin irritant frequently found in beauty, body and hair care products. Formulated with coconut and aloe vera extract to nurture skin softness, Neat.’s foaming hand wash is kind to your hands and the planet.

“It’s about offering something that people are going to feel good about when they use it. A luxurious daily ritual that they know is making a difference. Clean hands. Clean Planet.” Neat. Co-Founder Ryan McSorley.

Beauty has an ugly problem. The cosmetics and personal care industry produces more than 120 billion units of packaging every year globally—most of which are not truly recyclable.[2] The plastics crisis we are already in shows that the promise of recycling has already failed.[3] Less than 10% of household plastic packaging gets recycled in the UK.[4]

So what’s the solution? Greenpeace and other leading environmental organizations are calling on companies to reject cheap, throwaway plastic packaging, demanding reusable and refillable options for everyday goods.

Enter Neat! Neat’s refillable system eliminates single use plastic. Neat’s plastic-free homecare solutions have revolutionized how UK consumers clean their homes. By the end of September 2022, Neat refills will have saved 40 tonnes of plastic and 235,000 liters of water![5] Following Neat.’s success in reducing plastic waste in homecare, the team is confident to create positive change in hand care. Co-founder Ryan McSorley shares: ‘We thought, ‘what problem can we solve next? We looked at where the biggest opportunity was to make an impact in reducing single-use plastic. Following the pandemic, hand wash has never been so important in daily life.’

But it’s not just single-use plastic we’re targeting: A typical bottle of foaming hand wash can often include a high proportion of water compared to valuable ingredients. But we have access to water in our homes. That’s a lot of water being shipped around the world! Our concentrated refills made from biodegradable, plant-based ingredients remove the unnecessary water, and are packaged in materials that are widely recycled and will not end up in landfill or the ocean. Just add tap water at home for clean hands and a clean planet. Fill. Mix. Refill.

Our reusable bottles are designed to work with the interior décor of a stylish home. Our bottle contains no single-use plastic, is made from lightweight aluminium and with proper use, designed to last a lifetime. Sustainability never looked so good!

Neat’s foaming hand wash is available in two luxurious scents designed for the modern home:

Green Tea & Bergamot: Aromatic top notes of citrus and green tea are wrapped in a heart of refreshing tea leaves, orange blossom and peppermint on a musky, vanilla base with a hint of moss. Clean, vibrant and fresh – what’s not to love?

Sweet Rose Water: A rich, velvety fragrance combining juicy top notes of blackcurrant, orange and apple wrapped in sweet Turkish rose, rhubarb and floral tea, on a warming vanilla and sandalwood base. An addictive, transformative scent that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Each Neat. foaming hand wash starter pack contains: 300ml Aluminum bottle and pump, 30ml Plastic-free concentrated refill: Makes 300ml of foaming hand wash. RRP Neat Foaming Hand Wash Starter Pack £8, Refills £2.50.

Our luxurious, foaming hand wash arrives hot on the heels of Neat. being named Household Goods Brand of the Year at the prestigious Grocer Gold Awards in London.

Available online at from July 11th 2022