Over half of British consumers are looking to brands for sustainable products


With the cost-of-living crisis affecting most Brits, consumers are more than ever, having to make hard decisions regarding their purchasing habits. Whilst bottled water isn’t considered a necessity to many people, if consumers are to purchase water, then the UK’s leading planet-conscious bottled water brand, One Water, is urging consumers to switch to companies that give back to people and the planet.

With the ethical brands category growing at the exceptional rate of 4.2% vs a target of 2.9%3, more and more retailers are looking to environmentally friendly companies to keep up with consumer demand.

100% carbon neutral and produced with green energy, One Water’s range of 100% recycled plastic and aluminium bottles works hard to meet consumer needs whilst also raising awareness for those most in need around the world.

While we take access to clean water for granted here in the UK, an incredible 771 million people worldwide still don’t have access to clean water. Donations from the sales of One Water have helped The One Foundation raise over £25 million and provided access to clean water for over 4 million people including building large-scale water systems, simple pump repairs and emergency relief in developing countries.

Duncan Goose, Founder of One Water and The One Foundation, comments: “Listening to consumer trends has always been a key part of building One Water’s brand and products. When shoppers make those important decisions about what to put in their baskets in these uncertain times, they are still looking to companies and retailers to take responsibility in tackling the increasing climate and poverty issues around the world. There has never been a better time for businesses to invest in planet-conscious brands.”

“Looking for brands that are experimenting with different materials, outside of plastic, for on-the-go drinks such as bottled water is another avenue businesses can go down to satisfy consumer’s changing buying habits.

With many packaging options now available, from paperboard cartons, glass and aluminium as well as 100% recycled plastic, each has its own pros and cons in terms of materials, carbon footprint and lifespan, but ultimately, recycling has to be a key part of any packaging journey meaning less waste makes its way to landfill sites.”