The rise in demand for shredding products


With the continued growth in e-commerce and consumer focus on sustainable packaging, shredding products are in high demand, as businesses look to drive forward their sustainability efforts by repurposing unwanted cardboard.

Shredding cardboard waste has multiple benefits, namely reducing costs and improving carbon footprints. Often referred to as a ‘one time investment’, shredders are an environmentally conscious and sustainable way to save money, with the excess packaging created used for void fill, reducing recycling and material costs.

Dale Turner, Business Development Director, at Southgate, one of Europe’s leading packaging suppliers, says the e-commerce and logistic sectors have been under pressure to ensure they are using sustainable packaging and that one of the most obvious solutions is to invest in shredding machinery.

Dale comments: “For businesses currently shipping container loads of boxes to recyclers, investing in a shredder can allow them to shred the boxes beforehand, removing the cost of ongoing void fill and more importantly allowing the business to reuse the packaging.

“With the journey of moving over to a sustainable product such as a shredder, it’s key that a business removes costs from its current packaging methods to ensure it can afford to make the switch. Often eco-friendly alternatives come at a higher price, so packaging costs need to be reviewed to make it sustainable.

“Investing in the right shredding product for your business is key as there is a wide range available on the market. Here at Southgate, we highly recommend our Optimax Cardboard Shredders – one of our most popular shredding products. As we know Circular economy is key to reaching through to a sustainable work and this product supports this journey.”

Southgate has a range of Shredders available, with its best-selling shredding product named as the OP422-240V Shredder. Not only does it reduce costs of disposal, it provides free environmentally friendly packing material and has a number of other key features including increased power through a 1-3 phase inverter and an unlimited uninterrupted run time.

Following this, Southgate’s OP320 Shredder has seen a huge sales peak over the last 18 months. With similar traits to its best seller but on a slightly smaller scale, this product has been hugely popular with customers within the e-commerce sector looking to increase their sustainability focus.

Shredders should be a staple product for all industries as they are an excellent way for businesses to feed into the growing circular economy movement.