Dust extraction specialist to demonstrate problem-solving capabilities at eagerly anticipated SHE Show South 2021


Dustcontrol UK will be demonstrating its problem-solving capabilities at The SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) Show South 2021.

Taking place on Tuesday, 23rd November at MK Stadium, Milton Keynes, Dustcontrol UK will be showcasing its vast experience in helping companies to achieve efficient production processes, increased productivity, improved product quality, and a safer working environment, at stand 22.

Demonstrating its range of mobile and centralised vacuum equipment, including HEPA filtered, ATEX-rated and cyclone based industrial dust extractors, the Dustcontrol team will share how its robust machines can capture and extract different kinds of particles and pollutants with the highest level of filtration to achieve better results.

James Miller, Managing Director of Dustcontrol UK, said: “We’re looking forward to sharing our wealth of experience in creating and maintaining healthy environments to industry leaders at this year’s SHE Show South event. Our product range consists of portable dust extractors for industrial and construction use, fixed extraction installations, discharge arrangements, and accessories. All our machines are ideal for extraction of dust or particulate at the point of its production, as well as for powerful vacuuming or air cleaning.

“Ultimately, everything runs so much more smoothly when you avoid being stopped or disturbed by dust and other pollutants, not to mention the better air quality that is the result of professional dust extraction.”

The company, based in Milton Keynes, has almost 50 years of experience in developing dust extraction solutions and centralised vacuum systems to fit client requirements in the construction/rental marketplace, as well as production companies. These range from bakeries, cereal manufacturers, tea blenders, spice companies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers to heavy metal manufacturing plants. They are experts in problem-solving with a high technical capability of capturing dust at its source, then containing and transporting it to a convenient discharge solution.

Attracting around 250 delegates, The SHE Show Conference and Exhibition is an annual series of events all about people, behaviour, and culture change. It focuses on six key elements: inspirational leadership, climate change and sustainability, mental health and wellbeing, behaviour and culture change, overcoming adversity and resilience, and legal advice and updates.

James concluded: “At Dustcontrol UK, we’re not satisfied with just selling products. We manufacture and customise portable dust extractors and industrial extraction systems to fit all client requirements, achieving safer and healthier work environments.”

For further information on Dustcontrol UK’s products, please call 01327 858001, or email [email protected].