Truckfile spreads its Workshop Web to a wider audience


Truckfile digital management systems can make a huge positive contribution to efficient fleet and workshop operation – but there are times when an even simpler solution is needed.

Now the company’s Workshop Web package opens up the benefits of Truckfile to a wider range of customers and vehicles than ever before.

Truckfile’s fleet management software has forged an enviable reputation for its ease of use and outstanding range of capabilities. But its developers have never stopped exploring ways to make their systems more useful and accessible to more people, more of the time.

The latest feature to be launched, Truckfile Workshop Web, is a simplified version of the full system which retains key areas of functionality.

The aim is to provide a specific solution tailored to the needs of operators who, for example, have the majority of their fleet maintained in Truckfile-equipped workshops but send some vehicles – perhaps older, out-of-contract trucks, or specialised trailers – to suppliers which do not have Truckfile installed.

Workshop Web allows the operator to grant its supplier access to basic Truckfile functions, in order to maintain the integrity of recording across an entire fleet, regardless of who carries out the maintenance.

The web-based system lets the operator send digital forms to the service provider, who can then complete all documentation electronically. Workshop Web allows for real-time updates on the status of any jobs, and satisfies all requirements of digital job sheets for Earned Recognition. Information returned is automatically stored in the correct place and all files are updated, with no need for extra inputting.

The operator maintains full control at all times – including the ability to set permissions to allow only necessary functions to be accessed.

Truckfile Managing Director Paul Clarke said; “Operators of vehicle fleets can use multiple maintenance and repair facilities, depending on fleet and vehicle type. Many will have more than one brand represented, while others will have varying configurations of truck and trailer. Each of these might require servicing by different suppliers, which might be spread across a wide area.

“Workshop Web is our method of creating and disseminating the required information to those maintenance providers, which can be chosen by the operator, using existing functionality but distributed in a new and unique way.”

He continued: “Workshop Web is not ‘Truckfile Lite’ – it does not replace our Workshop Management package’s superior functionality. But it will be of great benefit to operators who use a range of repairers for a small number of maintenance tasks.”

Workshop Web’s capabilities include:

– Allocated jobs – the ability to allow remote workshops to complete tasks with all information required to complete and respond to a job, on a single page.

– No rekeying – jobs can be recorded by the workshop in electronic form, capturing all information needed with no need for any extra inputting.

– Automatic scheduling – schedules are automatically satisfied with no need for any action from the operator, and job sheets are stored against the relevant event.

– Earned Recogntion – in preparation for the change coming to the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme in April 2022, Workshop Web and the ‘full’ version of Truckfile already allow the submission of electronic job sheets.

– Direct interface – easy linking with the operator’s documents and timeline so completed digital records are automatically stored.

– Real-time information – Workshop Web allows the operators to see live updates on the status of the job from arrival at the workshop to return.

– Automatic notifications – scheduled days can be moved by the workshop, with the operator’s permission, and notifications are automatically sent to designated recipients.

– Additional work orders – notes, files and documents can be added to a job and emailed to multiple recipients. If additional work is required, an order can be created for authorisation.

Truckfile is the brainchild of Magic Internet Technologies. Based in Redditch, Worcestershire, the company was formed in 2006 to create an innovative and user-friendly fleet and workshop management system for the commercial vehicle and transport sectors.

With well over 200,000 individual vehicle records stored for more than 24,000 users, Truckfile is the largest document store of its kind in the marketplace. Customers can access the system from any internet-connected device, with no need for additional investment in servers or extra hardware. All documents are available around the clock and are securely protected against loss or damage.