CHEP seals new contract with KTC Edibles


Leading supply chain specialist CHEP, which serves the consumer-packaged goods and retail sector, has renewed its relationship with oil and fats specialist and world foods supplier, KTC Edibles, after a short hiatus.

CHEP was an integral supplier to KTC Edibles’ business for 25 years prior to its 2020 break. Resuming its services to meet KTC’s distribution and pallet pooling requirements across the company’s main sites, in Liverpool and the West Midlands, collaboration and sustainability are key objectives of the refreshed working relationship.

Vincent Poulton, KTC Edibles’ Equipment Controller, said: “We’re pleased to work with CHEP once again and look forward to developing a truly collaborative relationship to grow and support our business. We look to CHEP as a specialist in its field to deliver solutions to meet our logistical challenges, provide high-quality customer service across our distribution hubs and to help us supply timely products to our customers.

“Not only that but as the global leader of pallet pooling systems CHEP helps us deliver on our sustainability targets, and align our supply chain, both of which are really important to us.”

To date KTC has driven significant sustainability benefits throughout its business. By using CHEP reusable pallets it saves approximately 350 thousand kilograms of CO2 emissions and 280 trees being felled each year. Over a 25-year period this equates to a saving of 225 vehicle trips around the world and 6,775 trees or 9.9 million kilograms of CO2 emissions.

Founded in 1973 KTC began trading in cosmetic oils for health and beauty purposes. Its product range has expanded over the decades by sourcing a wide range of quality foods and ingredients from around the world. This now includes supplements, oils, spices, pulses and sauces, canned groceries and beverages. It distributes to manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers in the UK and worldwide.

Matt Quinn, CHEP Vice-President, Northern Europe said: “We’re delighted to continue working with KTC Edibles again, and look forward to building on our long track record of delivering sustainable value throughout KTC’s supply chain.”