Doves Farm launches new organic seeded bread flours


The UK’s number 1 organic flour brand, Doves Farm, is launching two new Seeded Bread Flours. The new organic Seedhouse and Heritage Seeded bread flours offer home bakers nutritious and convenient options for baking delicious seeded bread at home.

Seeded and wholemeal bread flour has grown by 70% over the last year, boosted by the growing interest in homemade bread baking and now represents almost 40% of the total bread flour segment. Doves Farm are aiming to fuel this growth further with the launch of their two new seeded organic bread flours, now available to order.

Made from organically grown wheat, Doves Farm Organic Seedhouse Bread Flour (1kg, RRP: £2.69) is a light bread flour mixed with organic pumpkin, sunflower, poppy, millet and golden linseeds. This flour can be used in bread machines or to make a hand bake, and creates a tasty homemade seeded loaf, light in colour but big on taste and texture. Perfect for sandwiches.

The Doves Farm Organic Heritage Seeded Flour (1KG, RRP: £2.99) is a blend of organic wholemeal bread flour and ancient grain flours spelt, emmer and einkorn, expertly mixed with teff grain, sunflower, poppy and brown linseeds. A flour packed full of flavour and texture, it is perfect for baking a flavoursome, slightly closed yet soft crumb bread.

Clare Marriage, Doves Farm Founder, commented; “With an increasing number of home bakers keen to enjoy the taste and nutrition benefits of seeded bread at home, we hope our new organic seeded bread flours will provide a convenient, delicious and ethical solution.”