Fortnum’s introduces the vegan-friendly & sustainable sailboat chocolate (85%) Easter egg to its Easter range


Fortnum’s, the home of joy-giving gifts and sweet sensations continues to produce unique creations to its customers. This Easter, making its journey from the Caribbean to Piccadilly, Fortnum’s Sailboat 85% Chocolate Easter Egg is new and exclusive to the Easter range, with an extraordinary sustainability story behind it.

The Sailboat Easter Egg is far more sustainable than the traditional Easter Egg having been transported by a fleet of wind-powered sailing boats from Grenada to Ireland, in order to be environmentally conscious, all of which are tempered and packaged by highly experienced chocolate makers, NearyNógs. Fortnum’s Sailboat chocolate range aims to be carbon neutral and is the first of its kind due its unique transportation to get it to Piccadilly.

This vegan friendly creation balances complex flavours of fresh fig, bold cocoa and rich aromas of tobacco and leather, and nestled within you will find fine flavour cocoa tea husks; a delicious by-product of the chocolate-making process, which can be steeped to make a smooth and exhilarating cocoa tea. This egg is the ultimate guilt-free indulgence.