Get grilling this barbecue season with new Caribbean BBQ meal kits


London’s award-winning Caribbean kitchen and shop, Juici Jerk, is bringing the heat this summer with its brand-new summer BBQ DIY meal kits, available today for nationwide delivery.

As the long-awaited sunshine finally arrives, Juici Jerk has launched the ultimate Caribbean-style BBQ in a box, filled with prime-cut deliciously marinated meats, fish and classic Island sundries. The meal kits will give households an authentic taste of the Caribbean, transporting their taste buds to the Islands, at great value for money.

Get ready to fire up the barbecue and prepare for the first British barbecue season out of national lockdown, with more flavours and seasoning than ever. Ditch the sausages and burgers for tropical marinated meats with Juici Jerk’s mouth-watering BBQ meal kits.

The BBQ DIY meal kits will come in a range of sizes with boxes feeding anywhere between four and twelve people, meeting all your summer barbecue needs whether it’s a double date, garden party with a group of friends or a big family gathering. Each kit comes with cocktail mixers, BBQ sauce brushes and plenty of grub.

Classic Juici Summer BBQ Kit

Enjoy a delicious spread of authentic Caribbean BBQ food with prices starting at £70 for four people, £95 for six people, or £180 for a larger party of 12 people.

The box includes a hand-picked range of pre-marinated meats, plantain, cobbed corn ribs, ­and Juici Jerk’s signature Jerk BBQ Sauce and Rum & Honey Sauce, as part of its new homemade Caribbean sauce range.

To quench that summer thirst, Juici Jerk has teamed up with Cut Rum and Long Tail mixers to provide plenty of high-quality overproof and/or spiced rum and premium mixers, ready to use for any ice-cold cocktails.

Premium Juici Summer BBQ Platter Kit

Prepare the ultimate Island feast with this summer BBQ platter kit with enough food to feed the whole family. Prices start from £165 for six people or £300 for 12 people.

Along with the sauces and sundries, the Premium kit boasts the finest selection of seafood and premium-cut meats such as Jerk Wings, Boneless Thighs, King Prawns, Lobster Tails, Lamb Chops, and much more.

The new product launch comes as Juici Jerk announces plans to shift from its takeaway and food delivery service to focus on its British-West Indian-inspired product range including a unique blend of sauces, cooking kits, and food hampers. Soon, Juici Jerk will be introducing a Vegan Caribbean meal kit to cater to all plant eaters around the UK.

Launching today, Juici Jerk’s summer BBQ meal kits are available for nationwide delivery. Place an order online at by Monday 7th June to receive your meal kits by Friday 11th June. The whole meal kit range now will be available for weekly delivery throughout the summer. Postage fees are £5 per box.