Heartsease Farm sparkling pressé now in cans


For a taste of the summer, try Heartsease Farm, an award-winning range of sparking pressés made with Radnorshire spring water, now available in recyclable cans.

The new look presses are perfect as a premium soft drink, mocktail or cocktail mixer.

The Heartsease Farm premium pressé range is part of Radnor Hills, one of the UK’s leading soft drink manufacturers.

Heartsease Farm is lightly pasteurised to preserve quality, uses natural ingredients and real fruit juices. The new cans are available as 12 x 330ml cases. They are also available in two other fully recyclable sizes: in 330ml and 750ml glass bottles.

Stockists of the brand include Ocado, Amazon and Radnor’s own Online Shop. The RRP for the cans is £1.50.

There are four premium sparkling pressés to choose from including:

• Wild Elderflower Pressé – The quintessential taste of British summer, our Wild Elderflower Presse is made with hand-picked sprays of elderflower to make our delicately floral pressé. Perfect to add sparkle to a summertime cocktail.

• Traditional Lemonade – A previous Great Taste Award winner, our Traditional Lemonade is made with sun-mellowed Sicilian lemons grown in mineral-rich soils around Mount Etna. With 100% natural ingredients and Radnorshire spring water, it balances zesty and sweet tines for an uplifting and nostalgic drink.

• Fiery Ginger Beer – Another previous Great Taste Award winner, judges said it is “well balanced with fresh tangy notes from the lemon and gentle warmth from the ginger with a lingering finish and tingle on the tongue. Truly refreshing.” Goes well with spiced rum and lime for a charismatic cocktail.

• Raspberry Lemonade – A blend of hand-picked British raspberries grown on Red Tractor assured farms take centre stage in our twist on traditional lemonade. A lovely long drink which won a Gold Medal award from the British Bottlers Institute.

Heartsease Farm is the name of the family farm in Powys, mid Wales from where the spring water is sourced. State-of-the-art technology is used to extract the water, which is rich in trace minerals, from below the ground and all products are bottled and canned at source on the farm.

The new slim design, premium cans are infinitely recyclable and sourced from less than 65 miles from the farm, which is a zero to landfill manufacturing site.

William Watkins, Managing Director of Radnor Hills said: “Our Heartsease Farm range of drinks reflect the heritage of the farm and our passion for great flavours. We use only the best available ingredients from the countryside, blended with our own spring water, to traditional British recipes.

“The range is already very popular in our glass bottles and we’re delighted to now launch it in a new recyclable can format. It is a natural progression for the brand.”

Radnor is a family owned independent Welsh business which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

The Watkins family still farms the land around Heartsease Farm where Radnorshire spring water is taken from and the company is headquartered.

Over 2,000 lambs were born on the farm this Spring and the family, who have farmed the land for five generations, recently re-introduced Welsh Black cows, a breed of cattle native to Wales and one of the oldest in Britain, going back to pre-Roman times, to the farm.