Hoogstraten launches first strawberry marketing campaign in the UK


Hoogstraten has launched their first trade-focussed strawberry campaign in the UK market highlighting their premium fresh fruit, available all year round and supplied directly from Belgium.

Hoogstraten, the cooperative based near Antwerp in Belgium, is otherwise known as the ‘Home of Quality’. Their strawberry growers put a lot of energy and expertise into carefully picking, selecting, and presenting shiny red, smooth, and juicy strawberries that are globally renowned for their flavour and quality.

The 2021 promotional campaign will see continuous trade advertising and special articles in trade publications and media titles. Berry quality, flavour, and sustainability will be at the forefront of Hoogstraten’s campaign.
From the start of September through to the run up to Christmas, the UK is one of the cooperative’s biggest and busiest export markets for their strawberries once the British season ends in August. Every year, approximately two thirds of Hoogstraten’s strawberries are exported to the UK and other European destinations.

Synnøve Johansson, Business Development Manager at Hoogstraten, says: “We anticipate starting to supply the UK market with increasing volumes towards the end of September and are already now seeing a strong demand and more requests than in a normal year, which indicates a strong demand from the UK as the British strawberry season comes to an end.”

Assuming weather conditions are ideal, the cooperative is currently expecting their volumes for the coming season to be in line with last year’s supply, if not slightly above. Recent average temperatures and ample water supply from a particularly wet summer are ensuing strong plant material for the propagation and the setting of next year’s strawberry crop.
Johansson comments: “In the coming months, our fruit quality is expected to remain excellent. The temperatures have been good for fruit setting, indicating a good spread of the crop that will ensure a steady supply for the coming months. At this stage, all indications are that we expect our usual excellent quality – the only thing we need now is some more sunshine for the strawberries to grow and ripen, and for the sugars to develop fully.”