Introducing DECEM – modern spirits for modern times


DECEM, directly translated to ten in Latin, is a new range of light alcohol spirits expertly crafted to 10% ABV. Each bottle contains a unique blend of ten natural ingredients for a light alcohol drinking experience. DECEM is meticulously crafted to create complex blends full of flavour, the range includes three light spirits: LONDON DRY, made with distilled botanicals, SPICED BLEND made with Caribbean rum, and APERITIF made with heritage botanicals.

Designed to be poured with classic mixers for easy drinking, the DECEM range is made with the finest and most interesting of fruits, herbs and botanicals.

DECEM has been founded by Masterchef 2016 finalist Billy Wright, who has been heavily embedded in the food industry for many years and now brings his passion for tastes and flavours to the reduced alcohol drinks market. The story began in 2019, fueled by a mission to create a more natural, British version of the popular orange Italian aperitif. But whilst exploring the history and traditions of aperitifs Billy decided what the world was missing was light alcohol alternatives to traditional spirits.

DECEM was born to give modern drinkers a natural alcohol spirit and subsequent lighter alternative to the usual 40% ABV. To embrace the philosophy of less is better and empower everyone to enjoy all the benefits of alcohol without drinking too much.

Billy Wright, founder of DECEM comments; “Drinking is at the very heart of our society yet so many of us still can’t enjoy it without that slight fear of enjoying it a little too much. By reducing the alcohol content in our drinks it makes for a more enjoyable drinking experience yet still allows us to retain all the flavours.

DECEM has been three years in the making, working tirelessly to find the most interesting combinations of fruits, herbs and botanicals to blend genuinely different liquids that hold complex flavours yet are easy to drink with the simplest mixers. We’re proud to launch the first three spirits in the DECEM range and give drinkers lighter alternatives to be enjoyed all day or all night.”

DECEM is proud to be manufactured in England, keeping supply chains local: from the development lab in Hackney, to the bottle plant in Yorkshire, via the distillery in the Suffolk countryside.

APERITIF – Created using a combination of heritage botanicals mixed with strawberry and grape to create a unique and adult aperitif. Botanicals are macerated for 3 days to extract maximum flavour, before being blended with the real fruit juices to create this distinct flavour.

LONDON DRY – Crafted to be a standalone, it is heavy with juniper and light with citrus with a spicy bitter undertone. Distilled as a normal gin capturing the essential oils of the botanicals before being blended with natural flavourings to boost character and provide a long finish.

SPICED BLEND – Blending a duo of light and white Caribbean rums from Martinique and Dominican Republic as its base. Spices are then added and the mix is allowed to steep for 3 days to draw out all of the flavour. The result is a sweet, savoury and spicy light spirit.

The full DECEM range is now available to purchase online at, RRP £30.