Itsu drops price of meat-free meatballs by 50% to reflect carbon emissions saved eating plant-based


This National Meatball Day, hungry Brits will be able to get their hands on their favourite vegan dish for HALF price, as itsu drops price of its meat-free meatball dishes by 50 per cent to show that eating plant-based reduces carbon emissions by more than half.

In a bid to motivate people to eat more foods that are better for the environment, the restaurant will be offering the discount on its meatless’meatballs rice’bowl.

Taking action against climate change, the restaurant giant’s “green” version will help cut carbon emissions related to the farming needed for its traditional beef and pork counterpart.

Not only are the meatfree meatballs better for the planet, but they could also be better for your health. Nutritionists have reported in recent months that reducing meat consumption can result in a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, or diabetes.

In partnership with meat-free masterminds, Meatless Farm, the discounted dishes will be available at Deliveroo for one day only.

The meatless’meatballs rice’bowl (now £2.69) is served on a bed of wholegrain brown rice and seasonal greens, drizzled with sticky teriyaki sauce and spicy ssamjang.

The vegan meatballs are packed full of veggies and spices that give them a meaty taste and texture, so that even the most hardcore meat fans will devour them.  

Since launching the meatless meatballs in January 2020, itsu has sold nearly 80,000 dishes – that’s 359,414 individual balls.

Bigger always means better according to itsu, as it re-launched the meatballs in January 2021 to make them 60% bigger and juicier than ever before.