Matthews Cotswold Flour launches UK’s first all purpose regenerative white flour


Matthews Cotswold Flour, Britain’s leading speciality flour producer, is launching the UK’s first All Purpose Regenerative White Flour. The new flour is created using grains from a select group of local farms that have embraced regenerative farming techniques that aim to restore and improve soil health and biodiversity. The flour is suitable for use in recipes that call for plain, strong bread or self-raising flour, if used with baking powder, which allows for more diversity of bakes from one packet of flour, making it great for baking on a budget. With an RRP of just £2.20 for 1.5kg, it will be available from Tesco stores and, it will also be available in 16kg bags RRP £18.95 from It is a must-have cupboard staple that won’t cost the earth.

All Purpose Regenerative White Flour (RRP £2.20 for 1.5kg from Tesco and

All Purpose Regenerative White Flour is traditionally stoneground milled in the Cotswolds from regeneratively farmed UK wheat and is the first of its kind in the UK. It can be used in recipes that call for plain, strong bread or self-raising flour, making it an incredibly versatile flour.

Sophie Carey, Bakery Development Manager comments: “ All Purpose Flour is commonly used in the US but does not appear on the shelves in UK supermarkets. We have become used to buying plain, strong bread and self-raising flour for different recipes but our new All Purpose Flour is a suitable replacement for all. It is a halfway house between plain white and strong bread flour. Plain flour is between 8.5% to 10% protein and All Purpose Flour is a minimum of 10.5%. It is strong enough to make basic breads, especially breads that prove in a tin, but also soft enough to make more delicate bakes such as cakes, pastries and biscuits. It is a great option in the ongoing cost of living crisis as it allows for a more diverse range of recipes from just one bag of flour.”

Bertie Matthews, Managing Director, explains the significance of the farming methods used to produce this unique flour: “The grain used in our new All Purpose Flour comes from farms which have been implementing a host of regenerative practices for a number of years. Regenerative Agriculture is a term that refers to a farming model of growing food that protects and improves soil health, biodiversity, water retention and quality. Farmers use a host of practices including, but not limited to, reducing soil disturbance, implementing wide crop diversity, integrating livestock, maintaining living routes and protecting the soil surface.”

Bertie adds: “We believe it is the duty of all food producers to move to a regenerative sourcing model. For years British farmers have been incorporating these practices and making real tangible change to the landscape. It is now the turn of food producers, millers and bakers to play their part and get these incredible products into people’s homes. A huge thanks goes out to our network of dedicated regenerative farmers, Tesco for being the first UK retailer to list a RegenAg product and the bakers of Britain making a positive change to their baking with this great flour.”

Matthews Cotswold Flour is committed to supporting regenerative food sources, developing an unparalleled range of top quality, award-winning, products and inspiring, educating and partnering with the nation’s artisan and home bakers. The new All Purpose Regenerative White Flour is available directly from Matthews Cotswold Flour’s website as well as Tesco. For more information visit or follow @CotswoldFlour on Instagram or Facebook.