New Aviko crazy chip combos to get your sides noticed!


Chip specialist Aviko has given the nation’s favourite side a mega makeover with a new recipe collection that’s set to cause a stir.

Chips are the ultimate side dish and Aviko’s new crazy chip combos will make them the main event, with a selection of sweet, savoury and wonderfully weird flavour pairings that will create a unique eating experience that’s Instagram worthy.

The eight tasty chip combos are available now at and reflect some of the hottest foods, brands and flavour trends that consumers love – and won’t be able to resist. The loaded chips collection includes Bonkers Banoffee Biscoff Bake, Chilli Chip Roulette, Chipperbocker Glory, Chipsits!, Condimental, Royal Chips, No Haters Taters, and Bake ‘N Shake.

Speaking about the new recipes, Aviko’s Senior Food Consultant, Paul Halliwell said:
“Chips are a massively profitable side for chefs and operators, and we want to show you just how innovative they can be. Move over chilli fries, all these recipes are designed to make your menu stand out, add value and be a real talking point with diners, but most importantly they taste as good as they look too!

“The influence of Instagram and food bloggers means consumers are hungry to try new and exciting dishes, as well as share their eating out experiences online. This can prove a real business booster for operators who want to grow their customer base, and we hope they inspire chefs to do more with their chips and make a stir!”

The eight recipes have all been made using Aviko’s SuperCrunch Chips, the premium crunchy chip developed to retain its quality and crunch for longer and the ideal partner for loaded chip combos.

Bonkers Banoffee Biscoff Bake – Chips baked in brown sugar until golden and topped with Biscoff spread, banana, whipped cream, crushed biscuits, chocolate shavings and cocoa powder.

Chilli Chip Roulette – Six mini, loaded chip pots ranging from sweet to scorching! Each pot is topped with Mexican cheese and varying degrees of chilli, ranging from jalapeno to Carolina Reaper! Diners can work their way through the chip Scoville scale to test their heat stamina!

Chipperbocker Glory – This ultimate Chipperbocker Glory has layers of Thick Cut Chips topped with ice cream, brownie chunks, fresh fruit, strawberry sauce and whipped cream.

Chipsits! A nod to cheesy chips, but not in the traditional sense! The thick cut chips are part baked and then rolled in crushed Wotsits before finishing in the oven. The Wotsits provide a cheesy flavour and satisfying extra crunch consumers will love.

Condimental – Chips were made for dipping! Fries teamed with Sweet Strawberry Jam Ketchup, Spicy Raspberry Sriracha, Peanut Butter Pickle Dip and Espresso BBQ Sauce!

No Haters Taters – Love it or hate it, Skinny Skin On Fries cooked in sticky Marmite and sweet maple syrup and loaded with crispy bacon bits and crunchy toasted pecans.

Royal Chips – Perfect for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, thick cut chips topped with caviar, capers, prosecco crème fraiche and pickled shallots.

Bake ‘n’ Shake – A nostalgic nod to ‘Salt & Shake’ crisps! Fry your chips until golden, pop in a bag and add one of the following flavours: Cumin, Turmeric & Salt, Crushed Oreo, Cocoa, Chilli & Salt, Crushed Biscoff, Sugar & Cinnamon, Chai Tea, Sugar & Orange Zest, Sumac, Lemon Zest & Parmesan and shake!

Aviko has been the foodservice’s dedicated potato partner for over fifty years bringing quality and smart solutions to menus all over the world. With a range of chilled and frozen potato specialities made by chefs, for chefs, Aviko’s extensive range includes Hash Browns, Premium Fries, Mash, Appetisers and much, much more.

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