Petrossian: The caviar of choice for the UK’s top chefs


With the return of hospitality, Petrossian is back to supplying the best chefs in the UK with their fine caviars. The renowned French caviar house started in the UK as an exclusively B2B business 5 years ago, but has since moved into consumer sales too, via the online shop which launched in 2020. They have established long-standing relationships with some of the top 1 and 2 star Michelin chefs in the UK, including Claude Bosi, Simon Rogan, James Close, Kieran Glennon, Gareth Ward and Jason Atherton amongst many other talents.

In 2020 Petrossian was an official sponsor of the Michelin Guide, and travelled up and down the country to meet and educate chefs on caviar, via numerous tastings. They will also sponsor the Guide in 2022, too.

The Petrossian Family has been sourcing and maturing the world’s finest caviar since they first brought this incredible delicacy to Paris in 1920. Originally from Armenia, Melkoum and Mouchegh Petrossian brought their ancestral knowledge and a commitment to craftsmanship, which had been honed on the banks of the Caspian Sea. In Paris, they found a rich appetite for luxury, elegance and taste. Quickly branching into smoked fish and other fine foods, the brothers continued to apply their passion, rigorous standards and a few trade secrets to the art of caviar.

Over the last century, Petrossian has mastered their art, and perfected how to pair the perfect caviar with the most discerning clientele. Their passion and commitment to excellence has made the Petrossian name synonymous with timeless elegance and sophistication. Just like their ancestors, the Petrossian Family still tastes and tests the caviar personally. Combining their own experience with time-honored traditions and family secrets, they can ensure that every bead of caviar meets the highest standards of the most discerning chefs. Petrossian offers nationwide access to an acclaimed range of specialities, from expertly matured caviars and beautifully smoked salmons to truffles and foie gras, with same day courier service in London.

The Petrossian team pride themselves on a really close and personalised relationship with each chef, and later in 2021 they will open a caviar lab in the UK where chefs can speak with the Caviarologist and create more supplier/chef interactions (all the caviar is currently matured in Paris). Most of the time, chefs order for the following day, so the Petrossian team liaises via group chats to facilitate quick communication, key to ensuring an efficient working relationship.

Petrossian supplies some of the top hotels and restaurants in the UK including:

– The Dorchester, chef Mario Perera (who uses Baika , Daurenki, Beluga and Ossetra caviar)

– L’Enclume **, chef Simon Rogan (uses Ossetra special selection Simon Rogan, made with their own pure Maldon salt, and smoked pike roe)

– Bibendum **, chef Claude Bosi (uses smoked pike roe in his puree and Daurenki Tsar Imperial(R) selection Claude Bosi)

– Dame de Pic** at Four Seasons, chef Marc Mantovani

– The Raby Hunt **, chef & owner James Close

Caviars popular amongst chefs include:

– Ossetra Tsar Imperial caviar: Petrossian’s best seller and one of the most sought after caviars.

– Characteristics: complex, balanced, iodised with hints of hazelnuts and dry fruits. Delicately firm texture.

– Daurenki Tsar Imperial caviar: A chef’s favourite as its texture allows chefs to “cook” with it (e.g. a small portion displayed on top of a dish, hot or cold – the eggs will not crumble thanks to their firm texture.

– Characteristics: large and round eggs with hints of butter and nuts, firm texture.

Traditionally, caviar would be served in a tin, with a mother-of-pearl spoon and garnishes. But in recent years it has increasingly been incorporated more creatively into dishes. As each caviar has a different flavour profile and texture, the possibilities are endless! Surf and turf flavour combinations have emerged, such as Claude Bosi’s signature dish of duck jelly with caviar. Asian fusion is also on the rise, as demonstrated in Simon Martin’s chawanmushi (egg custard) with caviar. And some chefs like to surprise, such as Jason Atherton using liquid caviar in a scallop dish.

Smoked Pike roe is also popular amongst chefs. It’s one of Petrossian’s signature products, chefs love it because it is quite versatile.

Characteristics: Fished in the Canadian Great Lakes and freshwaters, gently smoked according to Petrossian’s traditional methods. Smoky notes, fresh and natural buttery flavour. With a beautiful beige colour and a texture that gently pops in your mouth.

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