Seed n Sow empowers individuals to become self sufficient with their organic fruit & vegetable seeds and seed kits


In today’s bustling world, the idea of home-grown food is more than just a trend; it’s becoming a way of life. And while many people are looking to switch to a more natural diet, they often find that it’s not always easy to grow their own food. That’s where Seed n Sow, a London-based startup with their organic, 100% ecofriendly, non-GMO and pesticide-free vegetable and herb seeds, comes in! Believing in empowering individuals to experience the nuances of gardening and self-sufficiency, Seed n Sow offers a variety of plant starters kits for various needs and seasonal requirements!

Growing your own produce can be difficult if you don’t have access to healthy seeds or do not know what types of plants will thrive well in your climate, says Megan, founder of Seed n Sow. “We set out to create “all-in-one seed kits” that were affordable, practical, convenient and healthy”. Adds Megan, “We are a team of like-minded individuals who are passionate about organic living! Our goal is to make self-sufficient organic living more accessible to people new to gardening, so they too can share our passion!” She goes on to say that “We are committed towards providing high quality organic non-GMO vegetable and herb seeds coupled with our innovative plant starter kits; only then we would make gardening easier for everyone. And moreover, everything we sell is eco-friendly!”

Since its founding, back in 2020, Seed n Sow has amassed a loyal following of happy customers, who are now thriving gardeners and organic enthusiasts. Moreover, to avail benefits offered by Seed n Sow, one doesn’t need prior experience of gardening or farming. All one needs is a little bit of creativity that these DIY projects inspire in them, and one can grow their own vegetables at home in an effective way without having to worry about pest control agents or insects eating up the plants! Being all-natural, these products are cost-effective as well; moreover, they are absolutely safe for health and the environment alike!

Having brought the pleasure and satisfaction of gardening to thousands of people in the UK over the past few years, Megan and the Seed n Sow team have truly made an impact on individual lives around the world, and it’s no wonder they’ve been dubbed the most trusted online seed provider by their satisfied customers!

When we asked Megan, what makes her company stand out among their competitors, she stated, “All I can say is that we pride ourselves on the quality of our seeds! We have grown delicious carrots and lettuce with our seeds! They have germinated within days and become a part of our daily lives. What better than growing your own fresh produce right at home? “And if you’re worried about space constraints or lack of green thumb, then don’t be,” says Megan. She adds, “I believe in providing my customer everything they need to grow organic food at home. Our all-in-one seed kits, along with our most popular Seed n Sow Signature Seed Kits, are perfect for complete beginners to gardening! she says.”

Seed n Sow, promising to be an ultimate destination for gardening DIYers, offers more than just seeds and specialised seed kits. Seed n Sow’s new promising offerings include bespoke plant pots that have been specially made, keeping in mind their customers’ requirements! The designers at Seed n Sow are committed to providing quality products with innovative designs at reasonable prices. Its stylish contemporary look makes these plant potting sets a favorite with all homemakers!

Further realizing the need to promote healthy living, Seed n Sow offers the best organic herb seeds meant for general healthcare and de-stress purposes. These include basil, chamomile, lavender and many more! Not only do these herbs have proven health benefits, but they are also fragrant enough to spread a feel-good atmosphere in your home or workplace! Moreover, these seeds can be grown easily as with any other seed kit by following easy step by step instructions available on our website. All you need is sunlight and water!

“We strive to provide our customers with only genuine certified and top-quality products! Moreover, if you are already a customer of ours then do not worry because your satisfaction is our utmost priority. The team ensures that you receive all your orders in full within a short span of time so that you have no reason to complain at all!” says Megan.

Seed n Sow are not just known for their vegetable seeds… “We have one of the most unique collections of indoor house plant seeds in the UK, perfect for those wanting to decorate their home with beautiful houseplants”, she says.

But that’s not the end yet! Seed n Sow understands that in today’s money-driven market, finding quality, organic, and pesticide-free fruit and veggies is difficult – which is why they have added a separate section on their website featuring the best organic fruit and veg seeds in the UK along with organic sprouting seeds the UK. Kickstart your healthy diet by growing your own fruit and veg at home!!

In essence, driven by the passion for promoting healthy living and sustainable farming practices, Seed n Sow promises to be a one-stop destination for all the gardening needs and demands. From seeds, seed kits, potting containers and exclusive herb seeds in the UK – not only are their products made of quality and eco-friendly material, but they are also affordable! So, what’s stopping you from having a go at planting your own garden? Take up our offer today!