Sheer Element launches the world’s first complete daily supplement…in a chocolate bar


Ground-breaking, independent British company Sheer Element ( has unveiled ‘Sheer Immune’, the world’s first organic chocolate bar containing complete daily supplementation to nourish mind, body and gut.

The visionary brand, which took over three years for experts to create, has reimagined consumer’s daily supplement routine, transforming the chore and stress of swallowing multiple, costly pills into one convenient and delicious moment of mindful indulgence.

More than just a ‘guilt-free’ chocolate, the Sheer Immune bar combines modern science and ancient plant wisdom to proactively improve wellness: containing 22 vitamins, 72 minerals, prebiotics, antioxidants and medicinal mushrooms.

Set to be a cult product, this expert formulation is designed to keep the body and mind functioning at an optimum level, while still maintaining the luxuriantly satisfying treat of traditional chocolate, from just £5.95 per bar or £3 per bar, if buying the 30-day journey box.


Designed for daily consumption, Sheer Immune is made with high levels of Vitamins C, D, A, K2, Magnesium, Selenium and Zinc; vital for day-to-day wellness, energy and protection against seasonal illnesses and viruses, while the robust inclusions of Vitamins B6, B12 and B9 work to battle fatigue and routine tiredness.

The visionary product is also made with Ayurvedic herbal extracts, 72 ionic minerals and ancient soil-based prebiotics.

Why Chocolate?

Theobroma Cacao, ‘Food of the Gods’, has been traditionally used as a vehicle to deliver potent botanicals and medicinal mushrooms for thousands of years in South America.

Sheer Immune chocolate is raw, refined sugar free and vegan friendly. The company ethically sources organic cacao beans from Peruvian small-scale farmers and each bar has an irresistible, indulgent richness, combined with a zesty citrus taste profile.

Perfect for chocoholics, biohackers, wellness gurus, fitness fanatics and foodies, each daily bar of Sheer Immune luxuriously smooth and supplement-rich dark organic chocolate is a reminder to the consumer’s personal commitment around making positive health choices as well as making virtuous pleasure a daily ritual.

This is supplementation that will be looked forward to – not forgotten. Sheer Immune’s convenient single bar formula can be enjoyed at a desk, on-the-go, in a gym bag, travel case or as a weekend treat curled up in an armchair with a good book.


Sheer Element’s team of wellness, health and human potential explorers, have invested between them years of effort into research and developing and refining the formulation for the ultimate wellness bar: Sheer Immune.

Created by Founder & Chief Alchemist Matthew Newsome, who brings studies and experience of holistic healing across South America and Asia, along with Co-Founder & Chief Visionary Dominik Schnell who has 20 years of experience in plant-based snack innovation, under his Inspiral brand.

Together, the artisanal chocolate is made with sumptuous expertise and bridges the gap between ancient plant-based treatments and contemporary nutrition, without compromising on the chocolate’s natural feel-good and taste factor.

Founder Matthew Newsome says: “Sheer Element is very much inspired by the ritual food state delivery of therapeutic botanicals and mushrooms I experienced in South America and in Southeast Asia.

“We are turning what I saw as mindless consumption of pills and capsules into a ritual moment you can actually mindfully enjoy, taking time to connect to wellness and savour the powerful ingredients, all with your eyes closed.

“It’s also the combination of two of my favourite daily wellness routines, supplementing myself with nature’s pharmacy and indulging in artisanal chocolate.”

Where to Buy

Available in a single bar, as well as weekly or monthly course from the Sheer Element website and delivered direct to consumers:

– SINGLE 50G BAR: £5.95
– WEEK BOX OF 7 X 28g BARS: £24.95
– MONTH BOX OF 30 BAR X 28G BARS: £89.95