Soul Fruit breathes new life into fruit snack sector


Innovative snack brand, Soul Fruit, is launching three new lines of their tropical dried fruit snacks, to satisfy the sweet cravings of snackers everywhere.

Tapping into the growing demand for exotic tastes and wholefoods, Soul Fruit is launching their all natural; Jackfruit Chips, Keo Mango Chips and Soft Dried Keo Mango. 100% fruit with no added sugar or additives, these appeal to those health conscious consumers seeking snacks with increased health benefits.

“We are incredibly excited for people to try our new varieties,” says Daniel Twiss, co-founder of Soul Fruit. “When we launched with our Dragon Fruit snacks last year, we knew there was a real opportunity to bring something new to the dried fruit snack market and we’re pleased to now be able to extend our range.”

Soul Fruit launched in 2021 with the goal of providing more exotic options in the dried fruit market, which has seen 40% growth in the last five years. Health-conscious millennials are driving the demand, but many brands still remain stoic to the usual fruit choices when it comes to snacking. Soul Fruit is pushing the boundaries by offering customers unique & exciting varieties of dried fruit snacks.

“People are crying out for unusual and exotic tastes and these new products not only provide something exciting and different, but they also appeal to those time-poor snackers who want to eat healthily and consume products with added health benefits,” adds Daniel

Low in calories, fat and counting towards one of your five a day, the three new products are also brimming over with antioxidants. Plus, with soft dried and fruit chips on offer, whether you fancy a crisp crunch or a sweet chew – Soul Fruit has the perfect fruit snack for you.

Soft Dried Keo Mango, Keo Mango Chips and Jackfruit Chips launch this month into Selfridges and are available to retailers, cafes and restaurants nationwide, RRP £1.79 a pack. They are vegan and gluten free.