St Pierre boosts retail presence for bumper BBQ season


The UK’s biggest retailer, Tesco, has confirmed it will bolster its listing of St Pierre products, to drive sales throughout what is set to be the biggest BBQ season to date.

The rate of sale on St Pierre products has increased steadily since launch last May and now, as well as the addition of St Pierre 4 Seeded Brioche Buns to 1,064 stores, the retail giant will double its store numbers on two other SKUs.

St Pierre Brioche Hot Dog Rolls will now be stocked in 401 stores (up 201) whilst St Pierre Brioche Burger Buns – the number one branded brioche burger bun in the UK – will jump from 200 stores to 550 stores.

The news comes following the launch of two St Pierre SKUs into Morrisons in mid-February. Rate of sale with the supermarket chain has also exceeded Morrisons’ forecasts, securing a commitment to double its distribution from May this year.

Year-on-year, the brand’s retail sales are up 58 per cent, but with new listings secured, the brand is forecasted to sell through the equivalent of one burger bun every three seconds this summer.

Paul Baker, founder of St Pierre Groupe comments, “Our growth has been rapid over the past 12 months and it’s set to continue. As such, we are supporting our listings with integrated marketing campaigns designed to drive trial and increase brand awareness. More than that though – after a year of restrictions, the opportunity for retailers around BBQ is phenomenal – and St Pierre is perfectly placed to help retailers capitalise.

“Research from the Shopper Insights & Behaviours Conference this year revealed that the BBQ season, as we traditionally know it, will be changed this year. Consumers won’t wait for the first bank holiday to get the grill out; the first sign of dry, mild weather will be enough to get shoppers stocking up. The uplift in distribution is proof that retailers are preparing to meet the surge in demand and testament to the hard work of our team in presenting data-led insights to secure new listings.

“What’s more, in the US, retailers are moving from a ‘good, better, best’ offering to a ‘good and best’ proposition and it’s likely that this squeeze of the ‘middle shelf’ will be replicated in the UK. After a year of lockdown and saving up, consumers are willing to pay a little extra for a quality product that will make their long-awaited reunions even more special – providing a fantastic opportunity for our brand and our retail partners”.

St Pierre, which is part of St Pierre Groupe, is also celebrating a new listing with another nationally recognised retailer, Co-Op. The growing retailer will be taking a slice of the action, launching St Pierre Sliced Brioche Loaf into 210 stores from April 12th.

The European bakery brand has added appeal thanks to its extended shelf life. Research from Mintel shows that two in five (37 per cent) people will buy more longer-life food and drink products in the future as a result of the ongoing health crisis (Mintel June 2020).

Baker adds, “Availability and shelf-life isn’t just key for consumers, though. We know, from conversations with our retail partners, that forecasting during the great British summer is a challenge every year. Add to that the uncertainty that played a part with COVID in summer 2020 and the feedback from the trade when it comes to forecasting was ‘we know we’ll get it wrong, it’s just how much we get it wrong by’. Our extended life products ensure on-shelf availability, reduce the risk of wastage and offer a quality product”.

Last year, St Pierre Groupe doubled its headcount, surpassing £100mn turnover and achieving double digit growth for each of its three bakery brands, St Pierre, Baker Street and Paul Hollywood.