Tri-Star Packaging introduces Gen-Label – the next generation of food labelling


Gen-Label is the new name for Tri-Star Packaging’s Tri-Label division, rebranded at an important time for the foodservice industry, and representing the next generation of food labelling.

“There has never been a more critical time for labelling in the foodservice industry,” says head of Gen-Label, Alan Bryson. “Through the pandemic as businesses swapped to takeaway and delivery models, we were able to help with advice based on over 30 years of foodservice labelling experience. As the industry gears up for the full implementation of Natasha’s Law in October, labelling is crucial – and since the announcement of the new legislation, we have been urging the industry to act immediately.

“While correct allergen identification and labelling is an important health issue, it is also one of corporate responsibility,” adds Alan Bryson. “Lives are literally at stake, so why leave risks in place? As an industry, we can act right away, and improve our reputation if we take action today rather than waiting until October.

“Gen-Label can help businesses to fully comply with Natasha’s Law through its easy-to-use Gen-Label Online software solution.”

Gen-Label makes food labelling simple

As a complete one-stop-solution for all food labelling requirements, Gen-Label can supply everything from eye-catching labels designed to comply with all the latest allergen legislation through to food safety compliant labels for use in kitchens. A wide range of stock self-print or pre-print off-the-shelf options are available, and Gen-Label can also produce bespoke labels, supported by a full in-house design service.

“Gen-Label makes food labelling simple, and our specialists have supplied innovative labelling solutions at every level – from large PLCs to the smallest independent operators – all with the same successful result, an increase in sales and a rise in profit for our clients’ pre-packed food offer,” says Alan Bryson. “Our Gen-Label Design service is available to all label customers, and we work with new and established brands to create label artwork that is both appealing and functional.”

Allergen labelling – Natasha’s Law

It is estimated that almost 1 in 5 people in the UK suffer from an allergy, and while consumers may be allergic or have intolerance to any number of ingredients, only 14 allergens are required to be declared as allergens by UK food law.

Natasha’s Law is so called due to successful campaigning by the family of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse who died, aged 15, in July 2016, after suffering a fatal allergic reaction from eating a baguette purchased in Heathrow Airport. Natasha had a sesame allergy and wasn’t aware that sesame seeds had been pre-baked into the product’s bread.

Natasha’s family passionately campaigned for increased transparency around UK food labelling requirements, and the resulting law will ensure that essential information is always available to help people with a food allergy or intolerance make safe food choices. From October 2021, food pre-packed for direct sale (PPDS) will need to have a label with a full ingredients list with allergenic ingredients emphasised within it.

Gen-Label makes complying with Natasha’s Law simple and straightforward. The Gen-Label Online software solution allows caterers to build and maintain lists of ingredients including specific allergens and then simply print them off onto pre-formatted blank labels using a standard PC and laser-jet printer.

Accessed via a secure web portal, Gen-Label Online is quick and simple to use. It manages all of your labelling requirements from product descriptions, ingredients and bar codes to allergen and nutritional information, including the government’s front of pack traffic light system. Instantly updateable, Gen-Label Online enables caterers to amend labels and comply with changes in food labelling legislation with ease.

“Natasha’s family also set-up the Natasha Allergy Research Foundation,” Alan Bryson concludes. “The Foundation’s aim is to prevent and end allergic disease and also to bring about positive change by focusing on law and policies, medical research and educating and raising allergy awareness. Gen-Label, through it’s parent company Tri-Star Packaging are proud to have chosen to support Natasha’s Foundation, and we are donating a percentage of all sales of allergen labels to the Foundation. Look out for the Natasha’s Foundation logo on our products.”