Turmeric Gold celebrates 20th anniversary


One of Coventry and Warwickshire’s most revered restaurants, Turmeric Gold, is proudly celebrating its 20th year in business.

Officially established in 2001 by the restaurant’s award winning proprietor and chef Jay Alam, Turmeric Gold’s rise to becoming one of a select few destination restaurants in the region has been emphatic.

Situated in a mid-thirteenth century build at the very heart of medieval Coventry, the secret of Turmeric Gold’s success can be credited to Jay’s pursuit of excellence in all aspects of his customer’s dining experience.

Over his 20 years in business, Jay has strived to enhance Turmeric Gold’s product offering through continuously evolving his dishes and fine-tuning the restaurant’s customer service expertise.

In the past few months alone, Jay has introduced a brand-new Vegan and Vegetarian menu as well as other innovative experiences such as his new seven-course tasing menu and chef creative evenings – all with one goal in mind; to create a range of experiences tailored to the diner and add a whole new dimension to Turmeric Gold’s offering.

By tweaking his menus every few months, Turmeric ensures that its offering is kept both fresh and contemporary, keeping customers hungry for more.

Having positioned itself as one of a select few destination restaurants in the region, with many food experts even ranking the restaurant among the best of its kind in the UK, Turmeric Gold’s reputation has grown from strength to strength since its establishment 20 years ago.

Winning over 20 awards and accolades since it first opened its doors, and being the first restaurant in the region to be awarded with the Gold Taste Award two years running, Turmeric Gold has certainly left its mark.

Receiving a footfall of over 20,000 diners per year, the restaurant has drawn in diners from across the country and internationally for decades and has even attracted some of the UK’s most household names

Its high-end offering has even attracted some of the best-known names in the UK.

From TV personalities such as Gary Newbon to acting greats such as Sir Ian McKellen – all have enjoyed the tantalising and authentic Indian experience that Turmeric Gold has had to offer, with many becoming loyal regulars.

“Reaching 20 years in business is a huge milestone for Turmeric Gold, Jay Alam commented.

“Since we first opened our doors we have continuously ensured to push the boundaries and consistently hit high-standards in both the service and preparation of our dishes. We are passionate about the service we provide and ensure we keep our offering both fresh and contemporary by introducing new experiences and menus for our diners. In two decades this ethos has never once changed.

“Over the years, Turmeric Gold has become one of the most outstanding Indian Restaurants in Coventry and Warwickshire and we are now aiming to build on those foundations to take the restaurant to the next level.

“We are immensely proud of the reputation that we have built for our fine dining, excellent service as well as on our emphasis on healthy eating and are hoping that this may long continue.”