Urban Neapolitan pizzeria to open in London with a new wave of Italian tapas


Coming to the capital in May 2021, 081 Pizzeria is South East London’s newest and coolest authentic Neapolitan pizza spot. Foodies can flock to Peckham this summer to get their Neapolitan pizza fix and discover a new age generation of Italian cuisine including innovative Napoli-style tapas dishes.

Born out of the Covid-19 pandemic, 081 Pizzeria is pioneering a fresh and modern approach to traditional Neapolitan pizza, offering a contemporary twist whilst promising artisanal, authentic Italian cuisine using only the finest quality of ingredients. 081 Pizzeria is opening its doors on Saturday 1st May at Peckham Levels, South London’s cultural and social hub.

Founded by one of the guys behind Bravi Ragazzi, arguably South London’s best Neapolitan pizza restaurant, 081 Pizzeria is the brainchild of Andrea Asciuti, an Italian pizza connoisseur and chef with a fiery passion for pizza. Influenced by urban culture and hip hop music, Andrea is on a mission to challenge the perception of typical Italian Pizzerias in London with 081 Pizzeria’s bold, funky and youthful aesthetic.

081 Pizzeria’s carefully hand-picked pizzas boast a light dough with an airy, soft and perfect pillowy crust, finished off with a range of melt-in-your-mouth toppings, including classic options and some unusual combinations. The menu features up to 10 mouth watering pizzas, each made with delicious fresh ingredients imported straight from Italy, such as the Classic Margherita, Truffle Mushrooms, Diavola and Maradona, as well as its signature ‘081 Pizza’ (San Marzano Tomato, Buffalo Mozzarella, Parmesan, Basil and EVO Oil) and the ‘Napoli RMX’ (San Marzano Tomato), Burrata Cheese, Anchovies, Olives and Capers). Each pizza is 12” and prices start from £7.50 per pizza and £3.50 for tapas dishes.

To add its own contemporary spin, 081 Pizzeria is one of the UK’s first pizza concepts to serve ‘Neapolitan tapas’ – a selection of small tasty snacking dishes inspired from Naples with new, innovative recipes and garnishes. Tapas dishes include the ‘Frittatina’ – Deep Fried Italian MacNCheese with Minced Meat and ‘Arancina’ – Deep Fried Rice Ball filled with Bolognese. To quench that summer thirst, choose from a selection of ice-cold craft beers or the classic Italian Aperol Spritz.

081 Pizzeria’s motto is ‘Pizza Is a Serious Thing’ – encapsulating the intricacy, technique, knowledge, and mastery required to make a great Neapolitan pizza. Founder Andrea Ascuiti spent years learning the art of pizza and will be using the leading and only AVNP-approved (Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana) electric pizza oven to ensure the best quality pizzas are served. His unique cooking process will involve the dough slowly and naturally fermented for at least 36 hours before using the Neapolitan technique of ‘the slap’*, then cooked in the electric oven at 450° for 90 seconds.

Founder of 081 Pizzeria Andrea Ascuiti comments on the launch of 081 Pizzeria: “It’s such an exciting time to open a pizza restaurant despite the challenges posed by the lockdown – pizza has never been so loved in the UK as it is today! With 081 Pizzeria, I’m on a mission to change the perception of the typical Italian pizzerias by reimagining the legendary pizza culture of Naples and bringing it to the capital. Nowadays, people are increasingly looking for authentic, quality ingredients and flavours with a growing intrigue of where their food comes from; so at 081 Pizzeria, we are giving people the opportunity to discover a new age of pizzas and Italian cuisine whilst committing to authenticity and only the best quality.”

Under Covid-19 restrictions, Peckham Levels is currently closed to members of the public, but Londoners can still fulfil their cravings and get their hands on 081 Pizzeria’s grub via delivery and collection. 081 Pizzeria will be live on Deliveroo, and UberEats from Saturday 1st May and will be offering 50% off all pizzas on the menu up until Sunday 9th May. Collection will be available via the booking form on the website**.

From 20th May, 081 Pizzeria will be open for dine-in customers and running a full table service. Customers will be able to pre-book a table via the Peckham Levels website. 081 Pizzeria’s opening hours will be Monday to Sunday between 12pm -11pm.