Yakult’s mission to educate about the Gut-Brain Axis


Yakult UK and Ireland has launched a guide to the gut-brain axis, to educate consumers about the direct link between the gut and the brain. The guide is available on the new Yakult website and launches as research* from the brand reveals that just 29% of people have heard of the gut-brain axis.

The Gut-Brain Axis Guide has been developed in collaboration with the global leader in microbiome science and gut-brain axis research, APC Microbiome Ireland, a SFI Research Centre, and explores what the gut-brain axis is, how it works and the role that lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise have to play.

The gut-brain axis is the direct physical connection and continuous communication between our gut and our brain. While the gut is able to carry out some functions independently, it is always in close connection to the brain in different ways, through the gut bacteria or even the immune cells in your gut, but also through the vagus nerve or the bloodstream.

Hiroaki Yoshimura, MD for Yakult UK & Ireland, commented; “Yakult is always on a mission to inspire happiness and wellbeing through science. We want to help people understand that looking after their gut and their gut-brain axis can benefit their overall wellbeing – physical, mental and emotional. We are proud to partner the thought leaders in gut-brain axis research, APC Microbiome Ireland, and we value the research insights and science-rooted advice they have shared with us for the benefit of our consumers.”

The introduction of the guide follows the launch last month of Yakult’s new campaign – Yakult. The Little Bottle on a Mission, which explores Yakult’s many missions, from reaching the gut alive to educating people about the gut-brain axis. The guide is available on the new Yakult website at www.yakult.co.uk/gutbrainguide.