Make a choice to take maximum control of hygiene


Introducing from Kimberly-Clark Professional the improved wipe to complete the WypAll® Wettask™ Roll Wiper Dispenser System. This system is designed for maximum control of both hygiene and cost efficiencies. Today, protocols that maintain clean, hygienic surfaces have never been more important for premises. Facility managers of high traffic venues are especially under pressure to make the right choices for the safety of visitors, customers and employees. For example, a recent industry survey revealed that only 17% of office workers feel very confident in the hygiene practices like surface disinfection in their workplace.1

Launched as part of the Kimberly-Clark Professional 360 Hygiene & Protection programme, WypAll® Wettask™ System is ideal for the disinfection of frequently touched surfaces because it gives you control. The system enables the user to manage sheet saturation for maximum effectiveness. Users can customise each clean by adding to the bucket the wipe and disinfectant of their choice. They also control the strength and quantity of the disinfectant or sanitiser for optimum hygiene.

“As we begin to adapt to a new normal, balancing hygiene and efficiencies is top of an FM’s agenda,” says Ed Borrini, EMEA Senior Category Manager, Wiping, Kimberly-Clark Professional. “The demand on FMs to deliver hygiene that eliminates contamination across frequently used surfaces without compromising budget control is at an all time high. They have to make the right choices that manage hygiene and budgets equally.”

WypAll® Wettask™ Roll Wiper Dispenser System is a hygienic option for any facility. With single-sheet dispensing, users only touch the sheet they use, from a fully enclosed system. Designed to reduce waste and costs, the portable, high-capacity system has 80% more sheets2 than the existing format requiring fewer refills. The bucket is completely reusable, reducing plastic waste compared to pre-saturated wipes. Furthermore, WypAll® Wettask™ costs on average 60% less than pre-saturated wipes.3

The system offers flexibility to cleaning teams for different challenges. Whether disinfecting a surface to kill germs and reduce cross-contamination risks, or cleaning a surface to remove dirt, grime, or impurities. Before starting a cleaning task, the dry roll of wipes should be placed into the system and the bucket should be filled with their chosen solvent, chemical or detergent. Colour coded tape is included in the system enabling users to clearly distinguish between different disinfectants or solutions for specific tasks.

“Customisation of cleaning utensils and equipment is increasingly more important to ensure hygiene remains a priority during unprecedented and unpredictable times,” adds Ed Borrini. “High traffic venues including healthcare facilities, retail, transportation, food processing, industrial and education need to be ready for any scenario and for that they need more options. Times have changed and scalable solutions allow for both anticipated and unforeseen foot traffic, so every contingency can be prepared for whilst controlling costs.”

The base sheet is textured for multi-surface disinfection and to reduce chemical evaporation meaning it does not dry out thereby lowering usage and costs. With 250 sheets a roll for longer refill intervals, the Wettask™ is suited to hygiene sensitive environments in all segments. Hand-sized sheets and controlled single sheet dispensing make the system both easy to use and efficient.

“Right now, if a facility is open then they are wiping more than ever before to keep people safe,” adds Ed Borrini. “Regular hygiene surface disinfecting is necessary across all sectors for business survival and for the safety of everyone as we try to get back to our normal lives. Companies are having to increase their spend on wipes when budgets are under increasing pressure. Therefore, a professional solution that gives customers, employees and guests a safe feeling that they are cared for and meet financial and sustainable targets is a welcome and critical tool.”

WypAll® Wettask™ Roll Wiper Dispenser System is available now.