Covid causes period pains for 29% of UK women


Research by the pioneers of personalised, organic period care delivered through your letterbox, Yoppie, has found that 62% of UK women have been prevented from visiting the shops for their day to day requirements as a result of the current pandemic, with 29% having to seek alternative ways of securing appropriate period care.

Yoppie surveyed 1,310 UK women and asked them if they had struggled to get to the shops due to Covid restrictions and why.

62% stated that the pandemic has caused them issues, with 34% deterred due to the fear of catching Covid while in the shop itself. 12% have had to quarantine or shield which has prevented them from being able to get their required shopping items, with 7% worried about catching Covid while on public transport.

Not being able to shop for essential daily items is a pain in itself, but this inability to pop to the shop when needed has posed a further issue for many women when it comes to that time of the month. While period care products aren’t a day to day need throughout the month, they’re certainly essential for part of it.

However, as many as 29% of women have had to seek alternative means of obtaining their period care products due to being unable to visit the shops. 19% have turned to online shopping, while 8% asked friends, family or a neighbour.

The good news is that 93% of women have seen their usage of period products unaffected.

However, 4% have had to use products less in order to get by, while 10% of those asked have had to use a different brand and 15% have seen the money spent on products increase.

Just 14% of women have also looked to better, organic period care products to improve their periods and despite the far greater convenience, 0% of women have looked to letterbox subscription-based services to overcome their struggle in securing adequate period care during the pandemic – perhaps meaning people don’t understand the difference between standard delivery and letterbox friendly delivery.

Founder of Yoppie, Daniella Peri, commented:
“It’s reassuring to see that despite the majority of women struggling to get to the shops during the pandemic, many have managed to avoid any issues when securing their usual period care. However, a worrying number have still had to resort to asking others for help, with some also having to limit the number of products they use in order to get by.

It’s also quite interesting that none of the women surveyed had thought about using a letterbox service to overcome their period care obstacles.

For those that are struggling, the convenience of receiving subscription products through your letterbox can bring some much-needed peace of mind, as well as helping to overcome the fears or restrictions associated with visiting the shops in person.

It’s also one less thing to worry about which we could all do with at any time in our busy lives and this applies above and beyond the current Covid landscape. You don’t even need to worry about answering the door to take delivery, so it doesn’t matter if you’re in the bath or on a Zoom call, you can carry on undisturbed and still get the period care that’s right for you, right when you need it.

Our mental and physical health is at the forefront of how we go about our daily lives, now more so than previously, and our cycle can have a huge impact on both. So opting for organic products, free from chemicals and toxins and personalised to your unique period can make a huge difference to the way you feel, both mentally and physically.”