Better productivity and operational cost savings for JJ Foodservice as they switch to 13.5 tonne Isuzus


Isuzu Truck UK has recently completed the supply of a further 50 new Isuzu 13.5 tonne refrigerated trucks into the national distribution fleet at JJ Foodservice, with the national food wholesaler now having 77 Isuzu 13.5 tonne rigids in total within its 144-strong refrigerated fleet.

JJ Foodservice has also revealed that this latest 50-strong order is shortly to be followed up by a further 20 additional Isuzu F135.240(E) fridge trucks later this year, which will take the overall Isuzu representation in the JJ Foodservice fleet to over 94%, covering both 7.5 tonne and 13.5 tonne models.

The introduction over the past two years of so many Isuzu 13.5 tonne rigids into the JJ Foodservice fleet is part of a planned change to the company’s business model, where they have deliberately switched from running trucks at 18 tonne GVW to more cost effective and productive 13.5 tonne Isuzus. In practice, this decision has been vindicated over the last two years by the fact that JJ Foodservice can now undertake the same operational workload with the smaller GVW trucks, in comparison to the incumbent 18 tonners.

In addition, the company’s previous 18 tonne rigids were not compliant in the London conurbation, so the switch to compliant Isuzu 13.5 tonne Euro VI rigids was an ideal fit for their business going forward, meeting all the company’s stringent operational criteria.

The standard JJ Foodservice specification for the first 50 new 13.5 tonne rigids is based on the Isuzu F135.240(E) chassis fitted with a Paneltex 6.3m twin compartment refrigerated box body. The follow up order for 20 Isuzus will have a mix of Gray & Adams and Solomon refrigerated bodies.

All the new Isuzus are featuring GAH EXD703 refrigeration systems as standard, designed for operational temperatures between -18° C and +4° C, and each refrigerated body has a front compartment for frozen products, with separate nearside single door access, whilst a flexible movable bulkhead separates the front frozen compartment from the rear compartment, where chilled and ambient products are located with access through triple rear doors.

All the JJ Foodservice Isuzu 13.5 fridge trucks are working on a five day a week distribution operation across the UK, operating from each of the company’s 11 branches nationwide. With an anticipated working life of five years in the fleet, the Isuzu 13.5 tonners are working on multi-drop delivery cycles, handling between 15 and 23 drops per day per truck.

“Now having over two years’ experience of running Isuzu 13.5 tonne rigids in their fleet, JJ Foodservice acknowledge that the specification works really well for their business, crucially meeting their stated criteria in terms of compliance, productivity and reduced cost of operation.

Not only do these new 13.5 tonne rigids give JJ Foodservice the reliability required for their business, but also the proven manoeuvrability and flexibility of the trucks in urban areas, due to the compact footprint, is another significant benefit for the company,” said Lee Tansley, national fleet sales manager, Isuzu Truck UK.

Lee continues, “JJ Foodservice’s proven long-term experience of successfully running 7.5 tonne Isuzus in their fleet for many years was also a significant factor in them making the switch to Isuzu for these higher weight vehicles, when the decision was made to phase out their 18 tonne truck fleet.”

Further information about the full range of Isuzu 7.5 tonne and 13.5 tonne trucks can be viewed on the Isuzu truck website at