bp and BOC explore UK hydrogen infrastructure network to accelerate the decarbonisation of UK road freight


bp and BOC, a Linde company, have completed a detailed joint feasibility study exploring optimised designs for a potential hydrogen distribution and supply network for heavy duty transportation in the UK. The nine-month study provided important technical insights into requirements and options for hydrogen distribution, station design considerations, and dispensing costs for heavy duty transport applications.

The study concluded that, in the near-term, distribution of hydrogen as compressed gas via road trailer is the best option to stimulate the UK market for hydrogen fuel for heavy duty transport. Over the longer term, as the market expands into new geographies, both liquid and gaseous hydrogen have potential to play a role. bp and BOC are now exploring opportunities to collaborate to design and deploy an initial network for heavy duty transport hydrogen refuelling infrastructure in the UK.

Reducing emissions from heavy duty transportation can make an important contribution to meeting the UK’s climate goals. while making up just 5% of vehicle miles, heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) accounted for around 16% of UK road transport tailpipe emissions in 2019.

Richard Harding, senior vice president portfolio & integration, bp said: “Our customers in hard-to-abate sectors, such as heavy-duty transport, are demanding low carbon alternative fuels. They need and want to decarbonise. Cutting HGV emissions requires new infrastructure, and by bringing together our technical expertise, understanding of the supply chain, and insights from our customers, I am confident that together we can do more to drive change at pace for our customers.”

Jim Mercer, Business President, BOC UK & Ireland said: “If we are to meet net zero targets, tackling road freight emissions needs to happen now. This study shows us the optimal ways in which hydrogen can be used to help decarbonise the UK freight sector and BOC is proud to bring its extensive experience and expertise to this collaboration with bp, as we look at opportunities to deliver a hydrogen refuelling network for the UK’s Heavy Goods Vehicle market.”

In addition to the transport sector, bp and BOC are working with sectors that have significant carbon emissions to manage, to help them to decarbonise.